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what is it? social phobia?

hello! Im quaite all right while at home. I feel safe although a bit sad as well, but when I th

ink that 2moro I have to get up and drive to work I start to feel butterflies in my stomach and very often Im so sad that I cannot help crying. does it have to be like that? I dont mind going shopping with someone because I know its gonna take 1 or 2hrs but staying at work with people feels like being trapped! sometimes I feel sick and so anxious that I have to hide in toilets. :( My family is far away, my cat is terminally ill and I dont know how to cope and I dont know what to do. Im on citalopram btw. do u feel a bit like I do?

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Yes I do! even though my family are very near they don't understand. I live on my own and have 2 cats. I had to have my oldest cat put to sleep last month and when the vet gave her the needle I felt like saying give me one as well. It devastated me but I coped.....which shows me and others that really we feel weak and helpless at times but really we are very , very strong. I don't know anyone that would put up and shut up like I and millions of others do everyday. Take heart....you are managing well, very well...Good Luck Hun xxx


HI there. Yes i am like this all the time.

Although when it comes to work i use to feel very good about going to my job, i really enjoyed it so much, however, there came a time i was offered some line managing work and wow what a difference, the other staff members were jealous etc and made everything so hard for me, then every day i hated going to work, it made me very ill.

I had other problems as well but the main was work, i thought about changing my job which made me feel better so began looking, then i ended up on sick leave as it was all too much for me, until i was eventually finished on ill health grounds, i can tell you it was a big big weight off my shoulders.

I know its not the best route to take so please do not feel i am saying go that way but what a difference just not being in that job made to my whole life.

However and unfortunately now i cannot work but what i am saying is maybe think about doing a different job, one you will enjoy going to every day.

Maybe its time for a change love and probably for the better.

I too live alone and have a cat and i love my own company, you learn to deal with things daily and try not to plan too much ahead, it does help not thinking about getting up and getting ready for work.

I do hope you can get some help for this awful thing....

good luck and best wishes. xxxx


i live alone also but with no pets. i have always wanted a dog but thats out of the question.

maybe i should get a cat for some company! are they ok on their own 9hrs a day though. i wouldnt want to keep in the house all day.

i do enjoy my own company and think its ok during the working week, but weekends esp. sundays can be bad on your own. what to do where to go. and when everyone is going on hols together i'm always left wondering

i'm on dating sites now and determined to get a relationship going.

would yous like someone eventually i take it.


thanks a lot for your support. it does help although it is very sad that there are so many people on this site! 1 in 4 suffers from anxiety and depr. in the Uk as my Gp said :( I think that in my case it is stress that triggers anxiety and depression. I have to deal with it.


Pesta, cats are great companions! adopt one! or 2 as I did. they will make you laugh and they usually sleep while you at work so it shouldnt be any problem!


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