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dont know what it is?? :(

Hi everyone, quick question..

Really confused tonight, dont know what to do im trying to keep myself calm but struggling to do so.

Ive been suffering from a tight chest the past 4 days.. ive put it down to having the flu..

Well im laying here and all of a sudden out of the blue i have a sensation in my heart and chest.. Like a numbness,pain.. pins and needles? really dont know what it is!! Does anyone else have this with anxiety?? dont want to google it cause be shit scared after reading the answers lmao. xxxxx

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Hi Jadee

I get the same symptoms with anxiety and have had trips to A and E as I have panicked somewhat and thought I was having a heart attack. However consultant there told me that heart pain does not last as long and is entirely different. You should certainly go to your GP. Sounds more muscular and he will give you something for that. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the more anxious you get the worse the pain. Am now getting tapes to listen to, to try to calm myself down. Hope this episode passes quickly


Thanks for the reply Nimrod, i really dont think its anxiety! I think its something else and its really starting to scare me, its not something i can ignore.. im not really panicing about it but afraid its going to come back stronger.. it comes and it goes.

ive been in bed the past 4 days from really bad flu, i havent been able to stand up or even walk to the toilet because ive been to lightheaded.

I tried walknig to the toilet just now and it feels like my legs aint even there, i cant use my brain properly? omg im just freaking out and need some advise on what to do :( ive had enough cant stop crying!!:(



Since December I have been getting Chest pain out of the blue! I don't feel anxious or anything then suddenly I get pain in centre of chest and feel weird n it's sooo scary! I sometimes get it in arm too! I find it so hard to accept as anxiety because its all physical symptoms. Specialist said its not my heart it's healthy and I now have the week long monitor on to reassure me but it's still hard. Had chest pain on n off all day today! You'll be fine honestly. Xxx


Oh really? How do you cope with it? im having chest pain but its a really weird sensation its so scary :( Thank you for reassuring me maria xxxx


ring nhs direct now and tomorrow ring and get an app't to see your gp - tell them about your pains.

let us know how you get on,



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