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My blood pressure is 123 right now but my pulse its 99 and i could feel it beating fast this is a everyday thing with my heart and pulse

I dont know but everyday my heart beating fast im not nervous or anything at all but it just beats so hard and fast my pulse aswell i dont know why its beating fast like im sitting on my bed and it just going fast my mother has a blood pressure muchine thats what it said so my pulse is fast and i could feel my heart beating hard on my chest i put on finger to feel it and just beating hard and a bit fast i think i have some arrythmia or something then i read something about if you heart rate its 90 and up while at rest in 20 years you can die got me thinking like i do have a rythm disorder with my heart because not nervous or anything im just concern of why its doing saw the two cardiologist about 5 months and they said my heart was fine but still something has to be wrong .

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Hi johnnie1234, so not one but two cardiologists say your heart is fine. Do you think that your fast beating heart is due to you frightening yourself half to death. 123 on the systolic is excellent blood pressure and 99 pulse rate quite normal for someone frightening themselves half to death.

Is there anything of a positive nature to report, what are you doing to help yourself?


im not scared or nervous im just touching my chest and feeling my heart beating type hard and fast plus my pulse and could feel it in my throat i dont know why i feel a bit dizzy aswell and im not taking any meds at this moment but vitamins and sometimes ibuprofin when my body hurts i do have beta blockers but had them sense winter time so i dont know if they expires when i got them i only took them sometimes when my heart was going really fast but my heart is quite annoying right now i think have a sort of problem with my heart and its getting me a little concern thats all been this way for 6 months after a bad experince with some weed cought a massive panic attack was a bad re action to it before that i was smoking weed for like 2 or 3 years sometimes it would have me calm and sometimes would have my heart racing ever sense that day i dont know my body is acting wierd im getting all these sympthoms i never experinced before at all and i havent smoked for six months and im still feeling like this after that one day . hopefully this goes away i just dont wanna die or anything like that because these seems like its dangerous and cant find out whats actually wrong with me


I don't think you're at all likely to die from this Johnny, but it's clear to me that you need to see your doctor again and tell them everything you have written here. If this isn't caused by anxiety but is a physical problem then it needs a diagnosis and solution from a specialist regardless of what the two cardiologists found (or didn't find) a few months ago.


yeah its getting a bit annoying of whats happen i try to be strong everyday but i think i cant take this anymore it has to be something wrong i cant be going crazy


Such patience! You're a saint Jeff.

Johnny. If you were going to die from this you would have already died by now but hey - you lived another day to tell us all that your blood pressure is great and pulse rate normal for someone stressing about their pulse rate! How awesome is that. You're alive. Yes you feel crap but you will feel like this forever until you STOP DWELLING ON HOW YOU FEEL!!. I have said to you many times go an volunteer somewhere where you can see what real suffering is - cancer wards, burns patients. You are so fortunate to have access to amazing medical attention but have ignored their advice and expertise - that's rather arrogant of you - there are many people who can't afford to see a cardiologist.

You have been offered medication that may help put you in a better place but , no, you must know better because you are not taking the medication - are you a doctor? Are you a pharmacist? Are you a biochemist? What do you know that all those experts dont?

I think you don't read all this advice these wonderful wise people otherwise you would be on here saying how much progress you have made and thanking them for taking time out of their day to offer help. You keep ignoring them.

What do you really want Johnny?


Attention, plain and simple

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BP of 123 is perfect ? My heart will race for hours for no reason . It's just bloody anxiety


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