dont know where my lifes going

help i dont know what im good at and dont know which direction for my life to go in would love some advise ,i have started a psycology course and am going to job centre to get help cause i had to give up a job i enjoyed for reason and i know i was good at that (centre clerk -dealing with over 45 drivers a night ) but dont know what else im good at ,worked for royal mail fro 17 years ,so not sure where to go from here .my depression started to get a bit better but the bad days have started to be more often ,i m starting to feel a faluire again ,like im no good at anything and know company would take me on ,i need to get back to work but im scared of making a fool of myself and people not liking me


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  • Ah luv dont pull yourself down its not easy for any of us and is hard at times but you are definately not a failure if all the people suffered the way we do they would know how we fail but they dont what sort of things do you enjoy doing, maybe something that involves outdoor work rather than working in with alot of people could start you off with a bit of confidence could you not try a delivery job or maybe the post again where you are not faced with alot of people and enclosed something with a bit of fresh air i have my own little cleaning business which i do myself and have been doing this for 7 years although my anxiety only started this year i have been so lucky with all the people i work for how understanding they was i think you need to do outdoor work rather than something in see if there are any little delivery jobs to start you off and dont get chucked in at the deep end let me know how you go xxxx

  • thanks for your advise i will definatly look in to it


  • I meant feel not fail sorry and also try something like little part time cleaning vacancies avon or delivering for catologues i know its not a major career but you need to focus on getting your self confidence back first then you can tackle the bigger steps xxx

  • Hi Loulou. Sorry to read you are feeling so lost. What is it that you liked about your other jobs? Do you like to be around people? Did you like all the admin work of being a clerk and perhaps the organisation? I felt the same for a very long time and then started to take notice of what I did and didn't enjoy. I realised that I hate admin work (which sucks because I work in admin, lol!) and I don't like the 9-5 office routine. I do however like walking my dog, interior design and coffee :) so I am now working to open my own business so I can have my own freedom and be my own boss, and make my own lovely home brewed coffee (simple things lol)

    Maybe make a list of what you enjoy and of what you don't like and start picking it apart.


  • interacting with the drivers ,the rapour i had with them .the way i was good at my job and knew i could do it .i like what you have said about making a list of what i like and dont and picking it apart ,im going to give it a go .would love to know how you get on with your business ,

    will email back next week telling you how i get on with my list ,thankyou for your advise as i never thought of that

  • Have suffered depression 3 times in life (getting on now!). It's horrible and sad BUT with help (anti-depressants in my case Seratin currently), you get a lot better. I joined a women's group and it was the brightest time of the week and when I heard other people's problems, I realised maybe mine weren't so bad! + I made some lasting friends. I agree with the getting out and about. I think keeping busy and having distractions at any time in life is so important. For a few years now, I've gone to a weekly car boot/house clearance market and started eBaying. It's taxing, fiddly, you don't make much money, BUT it keeps you occupied and BUSY! Don't worry about life, it will pass at will for everyone. The trick is to get some interests, plod on, make some new friends/acquaintances - nothing lasts forever, just keep telling yourself that. Good luck, thinking of you and others in same situation of course.

  • I mean Citalopran 20 mg. (not Seratin) !

  • Hi Loulou - just a thought - have you considered signing up with a temp agency? The good thing about temping (well, the pay's crap, but apart from that) you can get to try lots of different things/places - and, if you find yourself somewhere you don't like, you know it's not "forever". It might get you into jobs/companies you'd never have thought of before? Just a thought, sorry if it's rubbish!

    Lots of love



  • thats a good idea thankyou would give me an idea about whats out there and what i can do ,thanks thats really good advice

  • What about a bit of voluntary work. There's loads of different projects. It would get you out and about and helps you feel good. Good luck. X

  • thanks i'll look into that x

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