Is it anxiety llease help

Hi there i feel the same like everyone explained. Dizzy all day long, blurred vision, headaches , numbness and tingles in head,ears or mouth. Weakness in my legs also feeling nausious. Fear of death and that in going to pass out when in walking or sitting. Ive done lota of blood test the only exam i havent done is MRI of the brain and im so scared they gonna find something. Please help me someone to give me an answer if you suffered from the same. Is it anxiety or i dont know. I have a 3 month old baby and with this dizziness and fear its affecting my life and i cant even enjoy all the moments with my baby which makes me sad. Only because of my feelings.


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  • Hallo Petiofi

    You are not alone, and there is HOPE!!!

    We all get the same, or another mixture of the symptoms that you mentioned.

    Get your mind in a state of "there is hope" even if it is difficult to see it now.

    I thought I was going to die when I was 24 (horrible panic attacks!!) but I'm 45 now and going stronger than ever.

  • Thank you for the message Janco i will read it now. I am surrounded from those thoughts and im just about to turn 25 next month. Its scary thats the truth but will deffinitely read the blog now.

  • Thanks Janco, just read you're blog, it's really inspiring I'm trying my best not to let it pull me down, somedays are better than others,one day I hope I could run around with my kids again like I used too, instead of fear of dropping dead, or being so dizzy and out of it, petiofi ikon show you feel, it's all anxiety and I know this because when I'm I work I can get slight breaks from feeling so unwell, them wham it hits me again, I just talk to myself and tell myself it's only my anxiety I'm ok, do my deep breathing exercises and keep going, I looking into finding a counsellor or someone to talk too, I know mine comes from the death of 2 friends 4 years ago, life took a nosedive from that point almost instant panic attacks and every other symptom u could imagine, just know you are not alone

  • I also started doing some exsercises, hoping it will help and also mentioned this to my go so she reffered me to a health visitor who deals only with anxiety. Im still so scared of everything it comes and it goes. And i can see it affects my husband as well when im feeling so down. I really want to be happy and enjoy my family. But im glad its really anxiety and there are other people like us who feel like this. Otherwise i though im just either crazy or sick. Thank you.

  • Hi, I was 24 with my first panic attack. Following that I had a month or two of horrible numbness and tingling, my eyesight seemed "grainy" and hearing was super sensitive. I had a 7 month old and I hardly remember those days now :( I thought I was losing my mind or seriously ill but I was also too afraid to see a Dr. i was scared i wasnt going to see his 1st birthday and I only found peace by resting when I held him when he slept. Fast forward to now (he's just turned 13) I still fight with anxiety but I really only accepted that anxiety could actually cause physical symptoms a few years ago. The best thing is to educate yourself about the physical symptoms and sensations and accept that anxiety is powerful enough to do that. Then it's all about taking the power away. Really feel for you I remember those early anxious days so vividly. you'll be fine :) x

  • A turning point for me was when I got so tired of anxiety, worry, panic that I just said, I got enough of this, I cannot go on like this, If I must die then that's that!

    I did a few things that tested my limits, and believed in God to help me.

    It wasn't an overnight thing but my friends helped me and I also got professional help.

    Exercise, right thinking, power poses, writing, and keeping busy also helped me.

    You can do this!!

  • It feels sa lot better when i see so many peopel fight this thing. I will do my best to oveecome it. Exsercises, extra professional help, and also i got the support from my family and friends. I can do it !

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