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needing some advice please

Hello peeps,

Im so fed up again ive got constant symptoms all day long,lightheadness,dizzyness,acid indigestion,tight chest and back and either heart palpitations and heart fluttering and adrenaline rushes feeling awful.I suffer with panic disorder and agarophobia i managed to push myself to go out for a walk to local shop and back which is about 10 mins away went with my dad.Went into the shop and a wave of panic came over me my heart started racing my mouth went dry went lightheaded and was finding it hard to focus but i told myself stay put so i walked slowly down an aisle reading trying to read the ingredients on the butter then i slowly walked to the newspaper stand looked round me then i slowly walked out the shop.I was still nervous and anxious when i came out the shop and my heart was still racing slightly should i of stayed put for longer?i feel such a failure think i need a good therapist cant do this on my own

claire xx

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You are NOT a failure, this thing is really powerful at making us feel worthless, it comes and goes but sometimes it takes over all of our thoughts, try your hardest to think it is not getting worse, I think by making it more important it seems worse than it should, I have had a few good days when I can do quite a bit, then it comes back and bites me on the bum again and I can hardly do anything at all, there are so many symptoms with this Monster that it can make you believe it will be with you forever, it won't, we all heal at different speeds, we all feel things differently, we all have different fears and this Monster affects us all in slightly different ways, remember, you did go to the shop, that in itself is a massive achievement so don't put yourself down for doing something so hard to do no matter what you think now, you beat it even for a short while and with the payback, you still beat it and you can and will do it again and again and it will become less traumatic as time passes, try to do as many things that make you feel good as you can, music, photos, films, anything that will lift your spirits and bit by bit, piece by piece you will tame the Monster, it does come back sometimes, I call it the Boomerang Monster because of that, I have had it a few times now, soemtimes, I too feel really hopeless and ill, but so far I have caged this thing a few times and I will again, it just takes time and keeping going as much as possible, go for it girl, YOU CAN AND WILL DO IT! the mind is a wonderful thing it can fix itself and also fool us into believing we are really ill, even when we are not, we have all seen hypnotists do stuff on stage etc, we have to hypnotise our self in a similar and smaller way every day to beeat this.

Sorry to waffle.......................................good luck!


By the way, I have had/have all the symptoms you mention and more sometimes!


Thanks Anxman just what i needed just finding it hard to get dressed somedays but i have to keep going cos whats the alternative.Hopefully in time the sensations will become less intense and il be able to handle it better need learn to be more patient rome wasnt built overnight was it.I hope u fully recover aswell sounds like ur having more good days than bad good for u keep going u can beat it.Thankyou for ur encouragment and reassurance

claire x


HI claire i have sent you an email. Thought i would take a fresh start at this site and see what happens this time. I have replied this post of yours but via email. I hope you get the chance to read it. D xx


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