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Need advice

I am 30 year old female. 2 1/2 years ago I was going through a stressful time in my life and at the same time came down with a bad flu which main symptom was horrible diriah. I think I got extremly deydrated and like I said under lots of stress. About a week later I woke up one morning with horrible brain fog. And I mean bad I couldn't thino or remember anything. This lasted for a week straight and then started to let up a little. Then the same symptoms woI'll come and go. I went to my regular medical doctor told him how I was feeling he did some blood work and said I think it's just stress. Give it some time it should go away.

Well it didn't and now 2 1\2 years later I am still having problems. The brain fog is better with in the last 6 months that symptoms has changed to lightheadedness, extreme fatigue, I feel as if my left side of my body is moving slower then the right side at times. As I said these symptoms come and go. Driving makes my symptoms worse but I will still have them no matter what.

I have had a ton of blood work done, I have had a CT scan of my head with and without dye. I have been to a neurology st that put me on dizzy meds which made my heart race so I stopped taking that.

I had a kidney stone attack about n the hospital, while I was in there they did a blood test and said my potassium level was pretty low, so they gave me some Ives of potassium. Right after I got out of the hospital I started to notice my heart racing. I had a appt for the doctor and they noticed my heart rate was 122 while I was there and the lowest it got was 104. They put me on a heart monitor for 24 hrs. And then called in a panic sayino that my heart got up to 203 once while I had monitor on. So they put me on a beta blocker and sent me to a cartiologist. He said that I have sinus tachycardia.

I am currently on the beta blocker and it is helping a little to bring my heart rate down. But I am so frustrated with everything. I never feel good and I also feel like I have high anxiety.

I am also getting sent to check if I could be hyperthyroid. I have a family and I feel like I can't do anything moat the time.

If somebody has had these problems please give me some advice I am at my wits end.

I wonder to if I could have pots syndrome.

All the doctors the I see all have the same reaction when I tell them how I feel which is hmm. I am getting so sick of it

Thanks.for listening and any advice is welcome.

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Did you get tested for Lyme Disease?


Was tested for it. Came back negative but from what I heard it has to be special tests to really know


So just a update for anyone that is going through the same thing. I went to doctor today and she noticed my calcium level was on high range of normal. And since I also have kidney stones from time to time she is now testing me for hyperperathyroid. I will find out next week. Also if that ends up being negative we are going to test for pots syndrome. I am nervous about the hyperthyroid because I would have to have surgery if that's the case. I just don't feel like I have alot of the symptoms of that but from what I hear just your calcium level and kinsey stone problem is pretty much all you need.


Hi ,It seems that you`ve more problems with your thyroid which can influence mood and behaviour. As you said your calcium level is high and the potassium is low and that could be related to the functionality of the Thyroid. Even your problem with your heart rate could be linked to that and It` s the reason why doctors want to investigate more on your health.Being anxious could be the reaction to so many events you`re living with ,so is normal to feel preoccupied for not feeling well, but I think the specialists will sort it out .My mum had tyroid surgery and then she was fine taking a substitute tablet everyday, but her mood and her symptoms disappeared. She had lost 13 kg in a year without dieting and was for hyperthyroidism. Take care


My t3 level was high but my t4 and the other test they do came out normal. My calcium on my blood work was on high range of normal. So my doctor took another blood test to check for perathyroid. I am also supposed to go in for a ultrasound on my thyroid. I am so stressed at this point. My heart rate is not helping either I am worried about that to.

I am hoping that it's my thyroid and they can just give me a pill to slow it down. I don't want to end up with surgery.

I feel so horrible at this point though I just want to stay in bed all the time.


Do you guys think that stress and anxiety can cause all this? I feel so incredibly stressed out and I can tell that I make myself feel worse. I think non stop about my problems. A part of me feels like anxiety is causing every single one of my problems.


I think more you`re at home thinking about your stress and anxiety ,more things get worst.In local libraries ,but also around the country are organizing events and groups to join.If you`re interested even in a coffee morning group,just to have a chat and a cup of tea try to get involved because you never imagine how beneficial could be having a dialogue with another person not just to say your problems , but having a chat and a good laugh can help a lot.I decided to join a group called Walk and Talk because I cannot do sport anymore and my GP said that I have to lose weight.Well...I can help people with Dementia to feel more involved in the community and at the mean time I can walk with them,maybe loosing weight and enjoying people`s company,so at the end it will be beneficial for me as well.It`s not important what you`re going to do or how important has to be or to achieve something,but just start doing something, be involved in a group, put your voice in it and maybe you can see some changes even if you`ve some health issues.


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