A good day so far?

I've managed to go shopping with my partner! (Hooray!)

To be honest though, I only made the entrance to Morrisons but I managed Asda Living, Tescos, Farm Foods and Home Bargains.

Started in Farm Foods, and I was dizzy but kept doing my deep breaths, pulse was a bit fast. Managed to get around and to the tills when I said to my wife that I had to go outside. But, the belt came empty and I started to put the shopping on it. Managed to be ok but still felt a bit worked up afterwards.

In Morrisons, I just froze at the entrance and couldn't move. (I've history with Morrisons see anxietyuk.healthunlocked.co... ) I managed to walk back out and started to calm down, pulse was racing only slightly so went back and relaxed in the car. Calmed down really quickly, surprised myself with this.

Felt positive so tried going in the other shops, still felt a bit dizzy now and again but managed it.

Home now and feel tired and have a slight headache. Don't worry I know its not a brain tumour! Lol


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  • well done you just think of the positives you did it and nothing major happened to you.Its a massive achievement well done xx

  • Ah super :) Sounds like a positive day for you. Today should be proof in itself that you can beat the anxiety because you pushed through it all day and your still standing and still breathing. :) Awesome.

  • You're*. Oh dear. I just committed my pet hate! x

  • That's brilliant!! You should def be proud of yourself, especially as you felt panicked but regardless of your symptoms you made your way through it!! Definitely an achievement! :) x

  • thats really good well done use your positive memory of today and how u got through it to help you next time, nothing bad happened to you today and it wont tommorow or the next day you have to keep telling yourself that we will all win this battle in the end x

  • Thanks everyone for the comments, still being fine and it's about 3 or 4 days since I had a funny spell.

    Only thing is though, I don't really see it as a triumph as it's a normal thing to do and something I've done many times.

    Perhaps it's just me and I expect to be ok overnight but haven't accepted the fact that I won't be.

  • Hi I also expected a cure over night but since admitting Im not going to be I am a lot stronger.I spent hours and hours of research looking for an overnight cure .It may be normal for other people but for us anxiety sufferers its a massive achievment so see it as one you did brilliant

  • Thanks Sharonlou, I know you're right but that's one thing that I can't get my head around.

    Though, we are now planning things around my anxiety to help so that's some acceptance.

    I've just got to accept that I have a problem and get better.

  • i have been out too went to shops felt really ill i was with partner but came home and have cried since

  • That's a start though, as everyone says look at the positive.

    I stopped going full stop over the last couple of months which I shouldn't have and now I've got to start again.

  • I know how you feel milo, you feel really down but at least you tried and did your best. I know when I am like this I dont even go out which makes it worse. Keep trying and it might ease and once you have done it keep on going and it should improve. Best wishes Carol.

  • Hi carol I've found it hard to go out today, but managed for about 1 hour. Just got to get through the rest of the evening now. Been watching rubbish tv, but it's boring. Hope you've been out in the lovely sunshine today. chris.

  • Hello Chris, Im pleased that you have managed to go out today. I was out yesterday to a friends house but had to get home as I had another bout of feeling ill. I felt drained for the rest of the day. It is becoming a real problem for me to go out lately as I feel so scared when I go out. Take care. Carol.

  • Hi carol It's rough sometimes, but I try to go out each day. It makes me feel worse when I have nowhere to go like now. Have you tried any cbt? I'm going to try it on Friday, if I can get there. Before this I've found having a warm bath and doing relax ex helps, but I'm too wound up at the moment.

  • Hi Chris, I had CBT a few years ago and it seemed to help at the time. I hope it works for you. I have also bought a couple of relaxation cds but I still cannot relax. How long have you suffered with anxiety? It is aweful when you cannot relax.

  • A great success. Well done to you!!

  • Well done, a massive achievement, and because you have done it once you know how good it feels, keep going!

  • It s great to hear such a fantastic new!!i m on your same medication and I hope I will have the same brilliant result,lol!!jokes apart it s great you managed to do that,in my good days I feel like bit dizzy but I keep going and i m fine and that is what we all should do.look @the positive experiences;-)

  • It's a pain, if it isn't the fast pulse it's the dizziness. I'm going to try and go shopping or to town even if it is for a bit every day this week.

    Got to start pushing myself.

  • hi davjon good news how long have you had anxiety for and what do you take for it i am allergic to most things

  • I'm on fluoxitine and pregablin at the moment. I've tried citalopram a few years ago and recently was on propranolol.

    The fluoxitine stops the actual panic but I don't know what the pregablin does and I'm not allowed to find out, my doctors and wife's orders! Lol

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