Wow scary

I was asleep and all of a sudden i was awaken suddenly and felt like i couldnt breathe it was like i woke up in a panic attack my heart was racing and i felt like this was it it took me some time to calm down still not fully calm yet then i drank some chamomile tea hopefully that will put me back to sleep. Has anyone been asleep and just suddenly woke up in a panic?


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  • Yes I recently felt that way where it only happen to me while falling into sleep if doze and I'd push myself up when I feel like I can't breathe and gasp for air it's a horrible feeling there'd be days that I'd make myself stay up but I finally got help my doctor told me its anxiety caused by stress they put me on visteril 50 mg three times a day as needed I found it works best for me at night before falling asleep

  • And as well if you want get on Internet and type in gasping for air while falling asleep you'll see that there so many like the way you and I get hope this helps you out love

  • Thank u so much for your respond it is such a horrible thing

  • This has happened to me so many times, I have lost count. I have been trying to figure out what was causing these frightening episodes. Still not sure what could be causing it or caused it. It scares me sooo bad. I think I am going to die, like my heart is beating so fast, it will just stop. I don't know how I got through it, but I get up and go outside. Even if it is 3am and start pacing. I try and take deep slow breaths and I eventually calm down. But yes, I know all too well. What makes it worse is that I don't have anyone that could help me if I was having something serious happening. Thats why I make sure my phone is always charged. So I can call 911 emergency, so maybe by the time they get there, they can still save me. Hope u are feeling better and God Bless You

  • This has happen to me before but i remember those times i would calm down and just go back to sleep im still not feeling the best i am so weak feel like my arms and legs are about to fall off and i cant stop shaking.

  • I have many times. It's a horrible feeling. Hopefully you will feel better soon.

  • Thank u

  • Happens to me almost every night up to 6 times, I have 2 glasses of wine before bed now stoped it in its tracks

  • Lol wine did the trick for you

  • I didn't have the breathing problem. I did wake up cause it felt like my heart started pounding and felt like a panic attack in my sleep. It still happens randomly but not alot. I hope someone can help ya out with this man.

  • Thank you everyone for your reply for these past few nights my body has been really tense my jawbone i keep clenching it every since that episode i havent been able to sleep my heart has been racing awhole lot my arms and legs are so weak and my whole body feels like it will shut down my hands are trembling now typing this out i feel so nervous like i am going out of control mind is racing this is so horrible. Not to mention i havent had any sleep i am so drained.

  • Hello

    I'm new to this forum but not new to this problem. I have done that many times. What I found out is that when we are in a deep sleep, we get so relaxed we stop breathing. HOWEVER the brains natural response is to start breathing again. Sometimes the soft palate (back of throat) closes and blocks our airway. You feel like you're going to die but you won't. It could be a part of sleep apnea too.

  • Oh wow thats very interesting i hope it isn't sleep apnea ive been so exhausted lately and not getting enough sleep at all

  • Hi cwoodside, I think many of us who suffer from anxiety do wake up in a panic on occasion. The symptoms are scary, one minute you are sound asleep and the next you are gasping for air, heart racing and sweating. Of course, sleep apnea should always be checked by a doctor first. If however, it's anxiety then you need to know it is more psychological than physical. When under a lot of stress as well as suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, it can carry over into your sleep. You may have a vivid nightmare that you might not remember or just a rush of adrenaline while you are sleeping, causing a panic attack in your sleep. In calming down after abruptly being waken up, walking around for a couple minutes, having some chamomile tea and then when getting back in bed starting your deep breathing to calm your nervous system. Hopefully, you will be able to settle back into a good night's sleep.

  • Thank u so much for this reponse i did try that but i couldnt stop my mind from racing with horrible thoughts i did have some chamomile tea and listen to yoga for panic attacks and drifted off a few times only to be jolted back awake i know im under alot of stress and lack of sleep

  • Unfortunately cwoodside, nothing is a guarantee with anxiety. We can only try our best to calm our nervous system. It might be a good idea to deep breath as well as listen to relaxation before you go to sleep. I go to sleep doing that every night as well as first thing in the morning due to my morning anxiety. Being prepared by practicing daily helps when everything is up for grabs. Good Luck!

  • Thank u i will try that technique now before going to bed just pop the headphones in and listen to some relaxation music

  • Oh yeah. I wake up in panic a lot. I wake up feeling like I forgot how to breath or like I'm choking and a tight, sinking feeling in my stomach. It can be hard to fall back asleep after that much you just have to try and get your mind off of it (drinking tea was a great idea to relax you!). Hope you're feeling better or more assured.

  • Thank u it surely is hard trying to get your mind off it is the hardest and to fall back asleep after all of that i feel somewhat better just still weak and my stomach has been in the knots and breaking down (loose bowels) lol but im a lil relaxed i got me some nerve tonic today

  • This has been happening to me every night for the past week. I wake up in a panic, then can't fall back to sleep all night. Most nights I've been getting 3-4 hours of sleep then I just lay and try to fall back asleep for hours until i need to get up.

    This morning I found something that helped me get calmed down and get back to sleep that I'm going to continue to use and see how it works. It involves breathing into your belly. Apparently when you try to breath slow and deep into your chest it can actually make the problem persist (which I've found to be true but hadn't realized I was doing). Here's a reply I posted on another thread here earlier:


    I have been waking up around 3 hours after going to bed for the past week or so (usually around 3am), and then unable to fall back to sleep. This morning I was having a panic attack and I came across some information about how to normalize your breathing for anxiety symptoms. It said to calm down from panicked breath as follows (Calming Breath):

    1. Take a long, slow breath in through your nose, first filling your lower lungs, then your upper lungs.

    2. Hold your breath to the count of "three."

    3. Exhale slowly through pursed lips, while you relax the muscles in your face, jaw, shoulders, and stomach.

    When it talks about filling your lower lungs it's referring to what they called "Natural Breathing". Here's how they explain that:

    1. Gently and slowly inhale a normal amount of air through your nose, filling only your lower lungs. (Your stomach will expand while your upper chest remains still.)

    2. Exhale easily.

    3. Continue this gentle breathing pattern with a relaxed attitude, concentrating on filling only the lower lungs.

    I used the Calming Breath I described first with my eyes closed to actually calm me down so I wasn't having a panic attack and hyperventilating, heart pounding, tingling, etc. then when I tried to sleep I focused on the "Natural Breathing" only. Even if it takes 30 minutes of focus on this breathing to get there, it's much better than laying there for hours in a panicked state.

    Here's the article I read:

  • Thank u so much can u relink that article i cannot click on it.

  • sounds like sleep ampnia (forgive is spelling is wrong), freaks my gf out, she thinks i died lol "wishfull thinking"? i have lung probs but mates gottit bad, hes over wieght and has to use mask at nite at bedtime, gettit checked bud, jim

  • Hi there, yes what your describing has happened to me, and it panics you if your not use to, I would get up and have a drink of water, I would then lay on the lounge and watch T.V till I fell back to sleep, I have had this anxiety for more than a year now, even though I am on medication it has helped me, but there is the odd night where I am really restless, it's just a matter of understanding your own body and what to do when you feel the anxiety, best of luck.

  • Thank u so much for your reply

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