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Needing some advice..reassurance..opinions! My symptoms are at their worst ever!

I have posted on here before and got some great advice..I am looking for more so here goes. I am a 40 year old woman with no prior history of mental illness up until 3 years ago. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and was admitted to the mental health hospital for various symptoms. I was placed on Paxil and was doing ok after a month or so, not great, but at least I wasn't having panic attacks and could actually sleep and stopped crying 24/7. But, I was still having major issues with concentration and focusing especially at work. I made the decision to stop the meds and I was doing somewhat for a short period of time. About 3 months after that I started feeling really depressed I wouldn't get out of bed and was crying all the time.On top of this I was still having the issues with concentration and focusing, but then also developed a problem with word recall. I would have the most difficult time having was so frustrating! Well all of these issues got so bad I ended up back in the hospital and again placed on medication. My doctor tried me on about 5 others which again made things completely worse until we tried Zoloft. I was on Zoloft for about 4 months until I felt my problems were getting worse and started making mistakes at work, so I again stopped. I have now been off all medication for almost a year and a half now. During this time I still felt that I couldn't concentrate to my pre-diagnosis state, but I was doing somewhat ok. I had in fact returned to work and was going to school. Then out of no where last month I started having panic attacks again at work, problems sleeping and was totally unable to concentrate and focus. Now all of a sudden over the last few days I have developed some issues with blurry vision, no energy, unable to stay asleep, and most disturbing is the fact when I do fall asleep I have the most bizarre dreams about stuff that makes zero sense. When I wake up I am totally disorientated, my heart is racing and I feel like I can't breathe. I don't know what to do anymore..please help!!

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Hello there :)

Im sorry you are going through this :(

I just woke 6 am and I fell asleep around 3 ish :(

With a pounding heart and unable to breath

I come on here read your post, you've had it rough these past years, I can totally relate to your last paragraph :( sleep problems eye problems etc

To tell you the truth whats helped is breathing right. IF you think back to your episodes you might find yourself that maybe you we're hyperventalating, and it sent you into a panic.

Try meditation, I didn't believe in it, I finally got desperate to find relief and gave it a try, I saw some videos on YouTube and saw that it really does work.

Sure you have your moments but when you JUST BREATH you start feeling better.

When you start feeling short of breath and you start doing your breathing techniques I find that I do get dizzy and a smothered feeling but I continue and in no time I feel better.

Telling yourself you are fine, okay, etc also helps, sometimes what we need is positivity.

Please know you are not alone :)

We are here to help.



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Thank you Yaz! Did you ever suffer with any cognitive issues?


Yes as of late :(

It's scary makes you think that you have issues with your brain: tumors or cancer.

I talked to a couple of people around me about it and they had the same.

The way I see it is we are too shaken to really use our bodies in finest detail.

When my mind forgets something I did just a few seconds/moments/days ago I try not to dwell on it. it will just make your following tasks seem like a blur. And then you are in a cycle .

I was about to give up when I forgot how to do a simple recipe. We have to take a deep breath accept that it's part of anxiety/stress because once you do it all comes back.


I am always focusing on the stuff I didn't do right...


Try not to hun cause it will eat you up.

I was told yesterday:

"Live in the moment,

Whatever happened a few moments/days ago leave it there. Past has passed no way to return time.

Don't think about the future it only brings anxiety. Live in the moment and let it be enjoy it."

These forgetful moments, those moments were you can't find your words, can't do your task right, etc are apart of anxiety/depression but only as long as you let it.

We will get strong and overcome it just don't let it get to you when you have hiccup along the way :)


Thank you for your kind words of encouragement! I really appreciate them, and they give me a lot of hope! Happy New Year!


Hi - you have taken to many meds. I am glad you are off them, gives you a chance to heal. I think you really need to sit down and read your email. All of it is in your mind and all of if is a waste of your energy. Read Paul Davids book and others like it and just take little steps in a recovery learning the right approach to accept what ever comes at you - learning key words and thoughts so youcan start to feel as though there is some hope, because there is. Learn some EFT as well when things are really bad, and that will help. All you are in is an anxiety loop and in order to get out of it you have to take a leap of faith with some new thinking. Good luck and stay off meds.

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Thank you. May I ask what is EFT?


Emotional freedom technique.


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