Weakness and panic feelings

I am new on here , I have been having panic attacks I think they are feeling faint when standing or walking, I took my grand daughters to see Father Christmas , I didn't want to go as I feel full of anxiery, my son drove us when we got there they didn't want to see Father Christmas , but I took them round the shops looking at things bought them a toy each but was very anxious holding there hands with me like I am , when we got home I coped with cake and treats when they went to go home I went out to the car as I usually do and went like I was going to faint , my heart is still racing I am trying to figure out what causes all this, they have gone home now, and I still feel lifeless and faint , I thought I had done well putting myself on the firing line going out when I felt so bad, but these feelings won't go away. Do memories stir things up with anxiety, as my grandaughter was pointing at a photo of my daughter that lives abroad before this other panic attack come on. Thanks


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  • hi

    sorry to hear your having a bad time,anxiety can be very powerful and sometimes can appear without any warning,try to relax the best you can and talk to someone,friend,doctor etc,you could also try to find out what is triggering the anxiety.has anything changed recently?.are you feeling stressed?ask yourself what can you do to relieve anxiety,take slow deep breaths and learn to relax,dont rush into things if you feel low,take your time.

  • I am surrounded by stress at the moment and situations I don't want to be in but I don't see anyway out as there don't seem to be any help for my husbands copd which is getting worse, and my son has crohns and seems tired all the time I do the best I can to help them both but I don't seem to be getting anywhere, and because of my anxiety I feel too frightened to for for respite for myself which I think I do need, my younger brother hasn't any time for me and that bothers me I send him christmas cards etc but never get a answere then I supposed I start thinking there is something wrong with me , for being in this situation. I sent a email to the health watchdog about my situation but never got a reply.

  • I think you need a long break,you sound like you need a rest from it all,try taking a long bath and relax as much as you can,get proper sleep and contact the doctor if you feel its getting too much.

  • if you have had a physical check at your doctors then you can at least rest assured it is not physical.. I have had fainting feeling all my life with anxiety and although awful the one good thing is we can stop them by breathing slowly and deeply and letting the moment pass.. thiss tops the adrenalin flow which is what is causing the faint feeling.. so hard as it is the faint feeling caused by anxiety can be helped by us .. as long as that is you have had a medical.. I have just had a complete MOT and now know any fainting feeling is me and I just need to breath deeply and relax .. hope you can do this as I know how hard this is to cope with x

  • Hi Daffodil,

    Sorry to hear of your difficulties at the present time. You could definitely do with respite care, please speak to your doctor to see if you can help you get it. Can the COPD nurses/society give you any advice? You are in a no win situation, and are coping very well under the circumstances. When we are anxious, looking after somebody else is so hard, even looking after your grandchildren, who I know must bring joy into your life, is tiring.

    I think you should pat yourself on the back, because you are a strong lady and actually went out when it's a busy time and looked after your grandchildren.

    I can only offer the advise everybody has given you, i.e. breathing, relaxation, do you have any hobbies you can escape to for a few hours, a gym, yoga, etc.?x x

  • Echinue. Thanks for your reply it really helps sometimes t get a bit if support yes I feel like I am struggling on my own and having a husband who is stubborn and wants to do things he can't do but isisits he can anyway innthe new year I will have to sort things out and get some help for myself as I do need a break from all this but because I can't travel far it's going to be hard,I have been bogged down with all this responsibility for so long I have lost a lot of confidence in what I can do I was thinking of having some reflexology etc start looking after myself because I think I have neglected myself for so long, taking those granddaughters out yesterday was really scary especially as the crowds were packed and I was holding their hands like vices if you know what I mean trying not to faint at the some time. Very stressful but yes I did it , don't ask me how I was scared in case I leg go of their hands for one minute....... Anyway I really appreciate talking to people on here that understand.

  • Hi Daffodil,

    A pamper day would be great for you, I used to be a therapist and loved it, till arthritis took over, but I love the treatments. I don't know where you live, and you did say you couldn't travel far, but I have spent time at Titanic Spa in Huddersfield Yorkshire, It's a lovely place, tranquil has a pool and meals cooked for you, but the best is the treatments. They do special offers too. I am sure they will have some around the vicinity where you live, also therapists do home visits but I would think that defeats the object.

    On the subject of the grandchildren, I do understand you are responsible for them which adds to the anxiety.

    I hope you get your life organised around your self next year you need some TLC.

    Keep posting. and google some Spa's:-)xx

  • Thanks I live in essex . I will keep you informed.

  • Where is essex

  • I would say memories do bring on aniexty. I had a breast reduction it was a year ago in May and just thinking of hospitals and doctors or watching something like that on tv bothers me. I also get aniexty and feel faint or light headed would be better. Now that its Christmas I turn on my lights and think of pretty things and getting together with family.

  • I live in Essex to and suffer with Gad I would always try and meet

    Up if you are near me .

  • I live in Essex too. Suffer with anxiety to the point where I can't

    Have the responsibility of my grandchildren, as when I have done it borders into a panic attack! I feel guilty but this time I decided to put myself first, explained how I am feeling to my daughters, and they really understand(not the reaction I was expecting!).

    I have many times when the dizziness and feeling faint come on, could be anywhere, and it's quite frightening.

    Rest assured though, that you are not in your own.

    As difficult as it is please try start the new year, putting you first occasionally!

    Take care

  • I know what you mean I got all that last night it was terrible,dizzy and legs going weak like I was going to collaspe I think I put myself under pressure by not saying no, and taking on too much, but I think in the new year I will have to get some proper help for all this. As I realise now I cannot look after my husband needs all the time with his copd and shingles pain and all the other ailments he has, my son helps me but he has his own problems with his health. I have never took my grandaughters out on their own in five years Sunday was the first time, I never thought about it I just done it,without thinking, about how I was feeling, which wasn't good, anyway have a nice christmas and new year

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