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is it normal?


i feel like this is a super silly question but is it normal to able to feel your heart beat when you put your hand where your heart is even when you’re just relaxing or sitting at a desk, but only when you put your hand where ur heart is..especially if you have low body fat? i’m 5’7 and 145 pounds, i have pretty low fat in my upper body region like my chest, i don’t know if this is normal..should i get checked again?

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im used to it but im not sure if its normal or not, hugs.

idk i guess i’m not really used to it, i used to be very overweight almost my whole teenage life with more body fat so i’m not used to being skinner so now i’m worried, i got my heart checked and they said everything was fine but idk if this is normal :(

just try not to overthink about it

i guess 😔

yeah i understand, sorry dont got advice on it. hugs.

I’m confused? Are you asking if you feel your heartbeat on different parts of your body? Like a pulse

celestw in reply to FearIsALiar

like is it normal to feel your heart beat when you put your hand to your chest where your heart is is what i’m asking😅

FearIsALiar in reply to celestw

Oh, yes!! Totallly normal 😊😊

Hi Celestw! This is normal. I’ve always been very skinny and have always been able to feel my heartbeat with my hand on my chest or certain parts of the body where pulses occur (neck, wrists,etc). I don’t know if weight has a play in being able to feel a pulse or not, I wouldn’t think so? But of course if this is something you’re really concerned about it doesn’t hurt to bring it up to your doctor againHope this helps !

Pretty normal for me. I have a strong heartbeat ever since my anxiety really flares up a few years ago.

I’m an RN and it is very normal to feel your heart beat..:)♥️

This is very normal, the heart is a very powerful muscle and when you focus on its action you will find evidence that it is doing its job.Especially when you are not thinking about anything but your heart.You have to reassure yourself that your heart is working normally.If you are over anxious you secrete more adrenaline and noradrenaline this this not only speeds up the heart but makes it pumps more forcibly.

The mind will imagine you are in danger and the brain will respond as if its a real threat.The secret to unlocking this pattern of thinking isnt to try and hide from it, it is to relax and keep reassuring yourself there is nothing wrong.Find something to do make you less take a warm bath, make a drink, listen to soft music.Yes you will still feel symptoms but now you are learning not to focus so intently.These feelings are just feelings....not a warning of impending doom.You will not come to harm, just feel apprehensive and out of sorts.

You are going to get well once you realise its because you haven't fully mastered relaxation or letting go.Most people do not learn this and just plough on through thinking stress has to be part and parcel of life....newsflash it doesn't.Learn and practice how to and things start to get better.I know because i went through cardiac neurosis myself 40 years ago.Every now again when i get anxious the same things kick in but now i just employ those methods and regain control.Relaxation and belief you are okay ..makes things better.Float like a cloud through the feelings.

Please get this book on "self help for your nerves" by Dr Claire Weekes she covers every sympton with anxiety especially the heart.It is very cheap to get on Amazon /Ebay. Hope you do this and beat this.

celestw in reply to Jomico

thank you so much i needed this! i’ll definitely check out that book🙌🏽

You are in luck i have found a link to download the book for free in pdf format, this should give you something to read until you get a

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