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Having bad anxiety during my time of month. Wondering if my symptoms are normal signs of anxiety?

I feel like my body is on fire and my heart starts to beat really fast I get dizzy I feel tingles through my body I feel sick and everything feels different and looks different. The world looks bright even when inside with windows closed. I'm getting anxiety attacks even when I'm not afraid or bothered by anything. Is this extreme anxiety going to relax more after my period and are these normal feelings from anxiety? Btw I'm taking 10 mg celexa once a day

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Hello Sohyo :)

Your symptoms do sound like some that are experienced when we have anxiety, however I'm not a doctor & would suggest you make an appt just to put your mind at rest if nothing else. If it is anxiety your gp should be able to point you in the right direction :)

Sorry, I'm not familiar with celexa so can't help there.

Hope you have a peaceful night



ive had the sensitivity to light symptom mate


My anxiety is higher when im on my period dont no why but it eases off after x


Hi there, I to am the same before and a few days during my period. It can be very intense but there are things doctors can prescribe or even go to a health shop and ask them. Unfortunately it can be very normal for females to experience these things at that time of the month. I never used to until I hawf my baby and didn't actually think it was my menstrual cycle until I kept an eye on when my symptoms accured. Hope you feel better soon xxx


I asked a question a while back if the women here suffer worse anxiety during the time of the month, it's hormones. Can cause a lot of things I go through it 1 week prior & 1 week after

I feel that everything around me isn't reLly happening in agitated by noise panic attacks are way up. Dizzy and fast heart beat though was ruled as borderline anemic and low on potassium so maybe check that out?


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