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Pounding heart but normal heart rate


Does anyone feel like their heart ponds really hard and feel it in your body but heart rate is normal as in the 60s 70s range?

I can see and feel my body moving to the beat of my heart but when I check it's not beating fast?

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I get this too. I can literally see it pounding through my hoodie sometimes .. Not really sure how it happens but it is a common anxiety symptom

Aazz in reply to tdawgg123

I hate it!

Yep I get it too. Blood pressure and pulse will be normal sometimes even low

Same here! Had ecg and everything looks fine. Feel like I'm in an alien film sometimes! Everything jumping and twitching.

Hi I have had this for a good few years, i may have had it longer but noticed it a few years ago. The heart specialist checked my heart with tests including checking my heart was not enlarged etc. All fine, blood pressure normal pulse normal still have it sat here watching telly. Sometimes it seems more gentle, lately stronger but it's always there, I found this thread as I was googling it again as I find it a bit scary but think I'm focusing more on again. But I'm fine I hope, I have researched before and one person said had had for 10 years and that they fine. I think you should always get checked out and if all Finken don't worry 😀 I have heard thyroid can cause also so it's worth checking that too. But if like me you have all the tests and fine try not to worry there are lots of us and thats just how our hearts beat! I think there are lots of us!!!!!! Much love, Mark

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