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Is it normal to feel so tired

I haven't posted on here for quite a while. I found it helped to put it down on here, the anxiety I felt and there's not much part of my day when I don't feel some kind of worry.

This weekend I haven't been good at all, really anxious and depressed and I,m worried about facing people again as I'm just coming to the end of a weeks holiday.

Is it normal to feel so tired I wonder, I've even been sleeping but waking up feeling worse. I don't take any medication, just some herbal stuff that hasn't helped much I,m afraid.

When I get outside my door I seem to be able to communicate with people well but it's when I,m here alone I feel so unwell.

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yeah i just made a post saying how i hate waking up feeling sick also...basicly happens to me everytime. what herbal stuff u take?


I take 2 Kalms every morning it just makes me feel I can cope you see. Think its just probably in my mind but we all need something to help us get through

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yeah but it might make u sleepy i guess?

information says:

Relieves periods of worry, irritability, stresses & strains. Promotes natural sleep.

i see someone said the ingediance :

Hops 45 mg; Valerian 33.75 mg; Genetian 22.5 mg.

that valerian root is going to make u sleepy its used for sleep...tried taking it at night?


It would be better to take at night but I enjoy a beer some nights only a couple of cans and don't like to mix you see


i would stop the drinking then personally...for your own health. its also a depressant of course. could be exactly what is making you sick in the mornings.


You should stop drinking, it can effect your sleep, increase your tiredness and depression.

It could be the reason that make you tired and not feeling well for the whole day...

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