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Is it real Mental Health

Hay there how did any one find out that I had so many mental disorders

Where did they come from one person said I had this and the other

person said I have that Im going around In circles no one to talk to

accept the Pharmacist and two years ago I was find then I had a high

dose of vitaman D but no one said that is true just because it did not happen

to any one that any one knows yes it is true but they said

by body is fine they said it is my head so they want me to have med for my head as my world turns around to fast on a ride I can not get off

Of it is never a good day time pass slowly and I can not keep my eyes

open I want help please but this place that my inshurance covers is the place that is in a hurry not to belive me and they can give you med

For your story that they do not belive is true like a conviction of a long list of meds that they think you need now on record for the rest of your life never check in a hospetal because they will put you in a mental ward O how I feel so bad O how I feel so sick I can not look at food please maybe a Milk Shake maaybe

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smjtty, sometimes doctors may be at a loss as to what is ailing a patient. Oh many diagnoses may be thrown at the patient making them feel like they are going in circles. Once we are given a clean physical bill of health, then they have no other recourse but to consider it a mental health problem. The prescription pad comes out and a ton of trial and error meds are prescribed making us tired and want to sleep away each day. And yes, once in the hospital for mental illness, it is on record for the rest of our lives. I was in the hospital so I know what you are saying. It was a sad time of my life as well as a time where I really got to connect with my inner self. My wish for you is to someday find yourself again. You are a kind and bright person who seems to understand the deep hurt that many feel but don't know how to explain it like you do. You are not alone smjtty. May your evening be a quiet, uneventful night. xx


Thank You

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Hi smjtty! How are you doing? I was reading about you having taken a high dose

of Vitamin D but I can't remember what happened because of that. I have taken 50,000 units

several times with no ill effects. I now am on 1000 units a day with my lunch.

If I'm not hungry (which doesn't happen often) I like a milk shake as you do. :)

Hope you have a relaxing evening. x




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Me too Smjtty. Try not to worry too much. I know how hard that can be if you have anxiety but just let all the bad stuff going on in your head do what it wants to do. It can't hurt you, it just feels like it can, but it can't. It is just adrenalin pumping around your body when it isn't supposed to and can feel scary and put thoughts in your head which aren't real in the slightest. Just let it be there and do nothing about it. Don't fight it, don't push it away because that is what keeps feeding the anxiety.

Doctors have lots of names for anxiety disorders but the cause of them all is the same and that is fear. To remove the fear, you have to pass through it all in the same way you have to pass through a hurricane to reach the eye of the storm which is peaceful. Once you get there, it is plain sailing!

Take care.

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