Is this anxiety disorder or is it probably something physically wrong with my body

Hello once again everyone soo i was fixing a door at my friends house and i bend down to fix all of a sudden my heart starting racing really fast and i started shaking like jerking my head and neck and back its like i couldnt relax and my heart went from going really fast to beating hard a slow like it doesnt know how to beat i could feel my pulse or something beating in my back i have no pain any where but its just my heart rythm and the i guess is tremors or something like i when i bend down all of suddent heart was racing i was twiching my head and neck and my neck getting like tite pressure feeling im like wth its crazy i think its something probably physically wrong with me my nerves or someing right now im layed back on the couch and is like my pulse i beating in my body in my back and infront of my chest my heart dont know whats wrong .


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  • Go to the doctors. He's the only one that can answer those questions by performing lab work and other test. And maybe like this you can also get reassurance.

  • the thing is i dont wanna sound like im just crazy

  • Better safe than sorry

  • yeahh im a bit nervous right now thinking about it

  • Definitely see your doctor, don't worry about him/her thinking you're crazy, we're all crazy, doctors are paid good money to deal with crazy people☺ You need a medical explanation for this,

  • you think this a medical issue with my body or something ?

  • There could be something going on but your anxiety might magnify it. Could be something simple but as you think about it, your anxiety feeds into it... I would definitely talk to a doctor. That is what they are for!

  • the thing is that i dont really dont know how to explain it very well like its a crazy feeling

  • The only thing you can do is explain it to the best of your ability. I have a problem with my vision that I cannot explain. Its almost like a small circle of my vision magnifies for a couple seconds. Sounds crazy and doesn't make sense but I wrnt to a neurologist and I guess it is part of a migraine disorder. It only took a few visits and me just explaining every little thing the best I can. Even if your doctor says that it is just anxiety, it wont hurt to ask..

  • I think that you explained it perfectly. Go.

  • you think soo would they be able to understand i just dont want them to say he probably just have anxiety or something thats all they will say

  • Don't worry about what you think they will say. You have real symptoms. They are not there to judge they are there to diagnose. If it is anxiety, then great! They will treat you either way. (I work in healthcare. Trust me, they would rather you come in.

  • yeah because its annoying happening eceryday its like a nervous feeling from my stomach going to my neck that makes it tite the left and ride side and makes me move my back uncontably to try to calm down and my head and neck jerks and i get headaches i dont know what it is but it makes my heart beat irruglar like wierd And pulse

  • I had the same issue. No one knew. Went to naturopath and told her I get weird sensation in my chest then heart goes crazy. She said it's my vagus nerve from unhappy stomach. She has changed my diet and episodes are reducing

  • Ohh i dont know whats wrong with me they just saying its anxiety disorder but i havent been to the ER for 4 or 5 months so i dont know about now but its getting a bit annoying everyday daily

  • Well I've tried several anti depressants and they caused ectopic beats so I was at the end when I went to natural therapy. Just letting you know sometimes someone you think can't help...helps the most. Best of luck

  • Johnnie, like others are saying your doctor can answer these questions and help figure out what to do. Anxiety or physical you'll get a definite answer that Will provide piece of mind. Sure, our caring words will help but nothing will be certain till you speak will your doctor. I had an a irregular heartbeat that gave me afib. The afib gave me anxiety because i want able to control it. Then i had blood pressure issues. With medication i have my pulse under control and the anxiety is more manageable. But im glad i went to the doctor rather than try and self diagnose a crazy issue like that. The piece of mind will be a starting point to get the right tools ready..

  • The carotid artery in you neck is probably clogged with plaque. That happened with me. There is a sensor in there which regulates the heart rate. My doctor told me to take at least 9 capsules per day of fish oil to melt off the plaque. BTW, I find that the best fish oil is Norwegian cod liver oil and I use it every day for arthritis.

  • what is that is that really bad ? or something ? and i have natrual bounty b-12 is that good or i have to get fish oil?

  • Ask your doctor to do an ultrasound test on the carotid artery to check for plaque. If he says it's got plaque, start with the fish oil capsules or my favorite Norwegian cod liver oil.

  • alright but is it a bad thing ? but you understand what im saying about the neck stuff ?

  • IT is serious. You must fix it or you could pass out or worse. When it happened to me my doctor immediately ordered a sonogram and prescribed fish oils. Fish oils are necessary in everybody's diet anyway.

  • Do you have a history of rapid heart beat? I do and it's called tachycardia. However, if you don't, then it may be simply plaque in your carotid artery. Please have that checked first thing.

  • yeahh probably is that because my heart races for anything and my pulse on my neck and that feeling in my neck aswell they said i had a little bit arrythmia but not a dangerous one that im good but i dont get why its always going fast for no reasonat times like getting up from a chair or bending down at times if its not fast its that my heart beating hard and my pulse aswell its crazy

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