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Bad anxiety issues and tips I use to help it

Hi everyone

I've had severe anxiety for many a year due to a bad upbringing and traumatic issues throughout my life. It's not feel like giving up..the symptoms are awful scary and feels Like you are going mad and dying but it won't kill you and you haven't a serious health issue. Symptoms can range from small to large like mine. Some days I get a brief issue of thinking I can't breath properly and Constantly clearing my throat...and symptoms to very weak legs weak arms weak hand grip cramping stomach chest pains severe panic and anxiety attacks feeling of heart palpatations heavy eyed blurry eyes surreal feeling like your not in your body etc etc etc. I found after years of this that finding a quiet small room and going Into it to either watch my favourite movies, play my phone games like puzzle ones. This takes your mind off the anxiety enough sometimes to let your body get back to normal. If you are driving in town or out somewhere if one comes on go back to your car and sit in it and play a game or read take your mind off the attack. If you have no car and on foot find a rest room (toilet) cubicle and do what I said above to until it passes. I'm here guys for advice or reassurance of symptoms or even a chat just drop me a line. I'm a veteran of this awful illness and I've alot of experience with it

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I Jonny thank you for the offer. Have you ever been on medications? I can't seem to tolerate ssri's I can't get through the one/two week period of side effects. I have been dealing with anxiety for 7 months now but in the last month I have been very lightheaded and get a disorientated feeling at times but the lightheaded feeling will last usually all through the middle of the day and usually settles down by early evening. I have many other symptoms but this one seems to bother me the most I hate any head sumptoms they scare me so much and annoy me too I feel like it's harder to function when your head doesn't feel right. Did you ever get this symptom on going for long periods?

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Yes definately that's actually normal for alot of people. Sorry was on vacation and why I'm replying late. I get very detached from the world in the ways you have said even not on meds as it's an anxiety symptom on its own. Try not to worry take your mind off it and after a while your brain will start to tell you it's just your illness playing up and you won't panic as much


My lightheadedness and DR/DP is much better since this post I just stopped worrying and focusing on it it still comes and goes but not so constant or as bad as before. Thank you for replying :)


I know your symptoms all too well.. we have kind of the same hystory.. I didn't know I had anxiety up until like 8 months ago.. at first I thought I was going to die.. I have been to the ER many times and many test done.. and all the Dr's keep telling me I'm healthy.. just last week I was told it was anxiety.. I was referred to a psychologist. . 4 hrs ago I was going to therapy for PTSD.. at that moment I was feeling ok.. now that I have to go back the same therapist isn't there any more.. I try natural remedies.. essential oils and relaxation methods.. I hope you feel better soon 💙💛


Try magnesuim in tablet form. Youtube search magnesium anxiety and depression. It's unreal that most us don't even realise how much we need this as our body's don't make it and it's vital for our systems. It's a natural calmer that helps the nervous system function normally to


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