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Chest Pains But All Test Show My Heart Is Ok PLEASE HELP

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I started having severe chest pains 2 months ago. Been to the hospital 20 plus times in the past 8 weeks. They keep saying everything is normal. I'm 34 and theu say my heart is fine everytime and i kinda feel like they aren't even trying to help me. I am scared 24/7 that I'm going to die. I get absolutely no peace. I'm always in so much pain. Everytime its something different. Anxiety, chest wall pain.... But even when I'm calm the pain starts. In the center of my chest and above my left breast. My left arm all the way into my hand and into my jaws. I'm so terrified. Everyone thinks I'm crazy and my husband doesn't even pay it any mind. If i went into an actual heart attack no one would even listen at this point. I jad to have surgery on my face yesterday and woke up this morning and literally hurts to breathe. My whole rib cage is sore. All i do is cry. I'm so alone and scared. I just want it to stop. Ive even seen a cartiologist and had test and again he said I'm fine. I just feel like they're missing something. Anyone else going through or that has gone through this if you have gotten answers please reply.

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Hi! Just wanted to share my experience as it seems similar to what you’re dealing with. I was at the hospital a few weeks ago with chest pains that had been going on for a few weeks. Especially in my collarbone, shoulder blade and under my sternum. My heart test came back fine and I asked the dr if this can all be caused by anxiety as I have health anxiety and have had this feeling before and he mentioned that it could be reflux. He’s sending me for testing on this but said that acid reflux is the main culprit he sees when people come in with heart attack like symptoms. I’m still having these pains but since they come and go, I’m thinking it’s probably reflux or anxiety causing my symptoms. I just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone with this and I know how scary it can be. Could you visit with your regular dr and ask them more questions about what could be causing the pains since you’re heart testing came back normal but you’re still in pain?

I forgot to mention that the triage nurse I first saw at the hospital also mentioned that I could have pulled some muscles from coughing as I’ve had a couple colds in the past few months. My point is, There seems to be a bunch of things other than heart problems that could cause chest pains. I hope that brings you some comfort as it did for me 😊

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i’ve had the same symptoms as you, for around the same amount of time as you as well. you’re not alone! after multiple visits to the hospital, i have found out that i had 3 ribs out of place, causing me to have chest pains in the same area. maybe see a chiropractor and see if that helps some!

hope you feel better soon!

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I also have pain on my chest daily. Left breast, left arm, rib cage and in my sternum.

Read about : costochondritis .

I was diagnosed with it years ago but the pain still gives me a lot of anxiety .

My mom had a heart attack couple months ago and the only thing she had was cold sweats and pain in her stomach . No chest pain, no hard time breathing , no arm pain.

If you want to talk more about costochondritis, please pm me !

Wishing you better days ! ;)

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Rilo7268 in reply to foxglove_pnw

can I ask how your mom knew her situation needed attention if it wasnt typical of a HA?

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foxglove_pnw in reply to Rilo7268

She said the pain was like nothing like she had felt before , she actually waited a few hours and try some different medication but the pain didn’t go away ! She thought it was heart burn . Her heart beat was in the low 50s plus she felt clammy , cold sweats ! She called my sister who is a doctor and she asked my mom to take 2 aspirins and rush to the ER .

I have had heart tests and everything is ok with my heart but My chest pain makes me think I am going to die all the time !

Yesterday I had severe pain on my chest and left arm :(

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Rilo7268 in reply to foxglove_pnw

thanks for replying. I always wonder what if it's an emergency and I dont know, but it sounds like the body makes it pretty clear. I hate the chest pain. I've had all the heart tests too but sometimes I still wonder what if? when my anxiety is high I get arm tingling too so that doesn't exactly inspire calm and my mind wont stop thinking the worst.

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foxglove_pnw in reply to Rilo7268

My mind is also my worse enemy ! It is so draining :( I am so sorry you also feel like that .

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Hello and I’m sorry you’re going through this. I went through exactly the same thing - yet here I am, living and breathing. It is so scary, it seems so real an no one will actually listen to you and understand that it feels real, you’re not doing it because of some attention or whatever but because you’re scared to death that something will happen to you. I went to the hospital so many times I cannot count and I’ve been to 3 cardiologists. Every one of them told me I was okay yet I was still there asking wheter they missed something. I had recurrent panic attacks for 20 days straight. What eventually helped was putting me on medication.

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meganhill395 in reply to masa2333

What kind of medication did they have to put you on? Was it anxiety medication or medication for your heart?

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masa2333 in reply to meganhill395

Medication for panic disorder. Seroxat and Xanax. My heart is good and yours is too :)

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You poor thing. I have heart attack anxiety too, which is why I'm 60 lbs overweight. I'm convinced that if I exercise I'll drop dead, which the doctor said will not happen after my stress test results came in. I really feel for you, Megan. Try telling yourself "my heart is STRONG!" "My heart is STRONG!" I wish you the peace that eludes so many of us...

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