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Please help! What's going on with my body?!


Hi guys, I'm 16 years of age and I'm a male.

I've been experiencing some heart palpitations and sometimes chest pains that hurt so bad it travels to my left arm and back. My vision sometimes double, sometimes it gets really blurry and bright. I keep feeling like imma die. I love my life! My heart feels like it skips a beat, sometimes stop for a few seconds or even pounds so hard I can see it through my chest its races as fast as it would when you smoke pot. I don't smoke anymore. But when I have these symptoms I feel like its gonna be cardiac arrest or faint. I'm really scared, my mother took me to the hospital repeated times and they checked my blood sugar, my vitals they gave me a EKG, along with a ct scan and a X ray. They said no signs of heart attack, no signs of stroke and they said everything was fine. I was then taken to a cardiologist where they said my heart was fine that it was just the walls of my heart that caused pain. I even have tunnel vision sometimes and I'm loosing weight rapidly without exercise, my skin color has change dpinto a darker shade, I'm constantly worried about my life and thinking that it could be a disease or something. But doctors said everything was fine. My back hurts and it travels to my chest followed by a tingling feeling in my chest and sometimes my head. I get short of breath and start to hyperventilate. My eyes feel like they aren't focused and I'm constantly demanding different test, like a full body MRI and eye exams. I have short hair but it falls out constantly. This has effected my daily life. I'm not the same anymore. I don't wanna die. What is this? Please help me. God speed.

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Hi there I'm 17 and use to smoke, maybe smoking have ruined some tissues and it will take a while for the muscles to start working proper again it also takes 3months for mucas to come out of your lung/chest/throat, I would be quite a worrier and by your message I can tell this is a big bully to you, my uncle had something wrong with his heart, you should be so thankful that there's nothing life threating, I know how it feels to doubt doctors, I always do it, and if your breathing to fast it causes your heart rate to rise it's only normal maybe you should try breathing into a paper bag it's helps makes you feel dizzy for a bit then you catch your breath, and you said you skin color was a darker colour that means your lacking on something, maybe vitamins?

It's very helpful to do breathing exercises, they are great, and when you start to go into a panic do something that takes your mind of it, think to yourself, the doctors have tested me it's all clear, and maybe go for a wee walk, I hope this has helped and I hope you also feel better soon 😊

Zmoney21 in reply to Shiann123

Thank you so much 😊 and yeah my mother did say something about vitamins. I don't know which ones I'm lacking on though... Maybe I should take all of the different types? How do I find out which ones I'm lacking?

maggie91 in reply to Zmoney21

Have doctor send you to diagnostic lab to have blood work done to see if you are anemic, have any vitamin or mineral deficiency, check thyroid, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. If any issues show up after blood work, your doctor will be able to help you.

Zmoney21 in reply to maggie91

So do I go to a hospital for this? Or my regular doctor? I don't know how this works.

maggie91 in reply to Zmoney21

You go to a regular doctor and he will send you to a lab. Doctor gets results back in few days and he can let you know results.

Shiann123 in reply to Zmoney21

Atm I'm feeling like a soild lump in my throat/and all stuff at the end of my throat and when I swallow I feel this lump it's really hard to deal with always throat clearing and can't eat..I feel awful...and breathless, but my gases came back good and blood cames back good, maybe you need to get bloods to see if your lacking but you can to your loacal doctor for advice and if they think it's anything serous they will send you to hospital, but as you said the hospitals done work on your heart so don't be worrying☺️

Have you had blood work done to see if you are deficient in some vitamins or minerals. Have you told your doctors that you used to smoke pot. Be upfront with doctors so they can help you. Has

doctor mentioned it might be anxiety. You have had many tests and all of them show you are fine. Now get blood work done and talk to doctor about your anxious thoughts and feelings. Tell doctor exactly what you told us, so they know how to help you.

Zmoney21 in reply to maggie91

I've had blood work done. Lol sorry I forgot to include that in the post 😊 but yeah I've had it every time I went to the hospital. They said my blood showed no heart attacks and they gave me fluids to hydrate me but they never said anything about vitamins. Should I assume I'm lacking it?

Zmoney21 in reply to Zmoney21

I've also told them that I did use to smoke pot, and yeah they also said try to stay away from caffeine and that it mpwas anxiety for sure, but its so hard to believe. I just keep thinking somethings happening.


None of us are Doctors so we can not diagnose you and say what it is even though anxiety can do and cause some weird things and if you have had every test done possible it could be anxiety have you spoken to the specialists about this ?

Have they no answers as to the fact you are loosing so much weight and your hair they must notice to and either have an answer for you why this is happening ?

At 16 are your parents about ? How do they feel about seeing these things happening to you , do you have their support ? if you were my 16 year old I would be banging on every door until someone gave us some answers what was wrong and then support you

Is there anyone you can confide in family , friends , tutors maybe if you are still in School you really need to confide and trust in someone and get them to help you get the answers to your questions

If it is nothing physically wrong you should not be suffering like this and some Counselling may be the way to go to help

I really hope you get the all support you need

Take Care x

Zmoney21 in reply to lulu-1

Wow.. 😊 almost sound like the parent I've always wanted haha. But no and no. My mother takes me to the hospital and doctor and cardiologist, ect but it feels like I don't have her full support or anyone, my Lil sister always tells me to shut up and get over it but shes not dealing with the stuff I am. Any one that's heard of what I was going through in this family has shown not the best attention to it. Like I feel I have no support. I can even talk to my mom at night when it wakes me out of my sleep. She tells me she don't wanna hear and and tells me to shut up and go to sleep. I don't know i just don't get it. And yeah I've had almost every test done, blood test, ct scan, X rays, EkG's echo gram of the heart blood pressure taken, but I haven't had a vision test from eye doctors or an MRI yet. And I've been experiencing some double vision, mostly at night. I'm scared. 😭 I haven't asked the doc about my weight lost. But beyond that, anytime I have this problem I come to my mom and grandmother and they both yell at me. I don't want anything to happen 😭 I'm loosing weight even in my upper back to the point if I put my shoulders forward I see my upper spine through the mirror, with little effort, my waist is less of a width then before and I'm just tired a lot now. My head always feels tingly and numb. I don't know what's going on.

antianxiety in reply to Zmoney21

Its so sad to hear that your suffering in this manner and especially heart breaking that your being treated and have no support from the people most close to you. I cannot imagine how lonely and isolated you must feel with all these symptoms and no comfort from love one's. Let me just say I agree 100% with bounce ...I 2 would break and knock down every door at every medical institution to get answers if you were my son. You are so young and already struggle with this....

I cannot speak for your parents nor can I judge or criticise their lack of concern as you mention in this post. I do think however that because the doctors has cleared any heart issues and illness your parents don't understand that you are really still suffering. Anxiety anf if it is anxiety is very real and has many symptoms physical and mentally. Suffering from anxiety is a daily fight and somedays total nightmare. Believe me when I say you are not alone we are all here to support you as much as possible.

You are in my prayers. God sees every tear.

Zmoney21 in reply to antianxiety

Thank you so much I wish I had love and attention strong as that. Thank you so much I deeply appreciate your concern

lulu-1 in reply to Zmoney21


When you have really bad anxiety this can affect your vision and this may be what is happening , but get yourself am eye test booked they will put your mind at ease that everything looks healthy at the back of your eyes , they can tell a lot if everything is ok by looking in your eyes when testing them so try & get that done as soon as you can

Now you need to tell and show your Doctor the weight you are loosing and what is happening to your hair , let them see because they should take it seriously even if it is anxiety causing it , it is a sign you need support and help

Your little Sister is going to say shut up because that is what most Sisters do :-/

Sorry that your Mum and Grandparent seem to be lacking in understanding , maybe they don't understand but still they should be concerned and be there for you and I hope maybe in time they will be

If you find when you try and talk to them they say shut up , have you ever tried writing down how you feel and giving it them like a letter they may read it and absorb more of just how much you are struggling it is worth a go

Keep talking to people on here , no one tells anyone to shut up and there is always someone that will understand you :-)

Take Care x

Zmoney21 in reply to lulu-1

Thank you @Bounce. You are very helpful

Well.. I start my day off drinking a cup of orange juice and a cup mof milk with a powdered donut or a chocolate one, no bold patches, and yeah my hair has been falling out. But doc never said anything about my skin color change and yeah I know what you mean, my heart does the same exact thing, it pounds so hard I see it through my chest and sometimes it feels like its not beating at all and yeah I use to smoke it. But my symptoms came after I stopped smoking it. Like it came out of the blue it scared the shit out of me. No white spots on my nails no peeling of the nails although I do bite off my nails when I panic about this stuff too. The doc did sai it was anxiety but that's hard to believe. From U.S

I'm so concerned about the weight loss and vision problem, I use to have 20/20 but now I feel as if I don't, my vision isn't as focused anymore

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