chest pains once again i was good the whole day but not now this is a everyday thing doe

i get chest pains like in the middle something exactly on my chest my left sometimes hurts aswell and rist but this just feel wierd saying that am fine dont have to worry about my heart is fine but i feel like its not because everytime i get these chest pains feels like am soon die or something might happen and am just worried about dying am only 20 still wanna live but for some reason am just worried with these chest pains because all the time i think something is gonna happen with my heart or i have agina idk should i believe my heart docter that am fine or keep checking dont want a heart attack or something bad really to happen to me but when i touch my heart it feels like it going slow it not going that fast that the good part but sometimes i cant sleep because am afraid of dying or something happening to me 😩


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  • Johnnie, this is health anxiety to the max....Keep telling yourself, you are only 20 and that nothing is going to happen to you. You are not going to die. You just happen to be one of millions who suffers from anxiety disorder. A disorder, it is not a disease. The difference between anxiety and a physical issue is that anxiety comes from the mind and is not an organic problem. If you are unable to accept that your symptoms are anxiety based then you have to try retraining your mind to get rid of the negative thoughts and replace it with positive thoughts.

  • Yeah but am not even thinking about nun of that it just comes out of no where then i jump up and feel like hot flashes in my body goosebumps and my chest just be hurting all the time and they say my heart is fine but why my chest hurts like it comes and goes everyday like severe shooting chest pains comes and then goes

  • That's how anxiety tricks us. We may not be thinking about anything in particular and yet the symptoms seem to appear out of nowhere. However, it is coming from somewhere, our minds. Our minds are always working overtime which keeps our stress level high. When we try to relax, we can get hit by chest pains, headaches, twinges here and there.

  • my family thinks am going crazy mean while i actually feel this physically

  • they say i got problems mean while they dont know what am going through

  • Johnnie I understand that unless your family also has anxiety issues, they can't possibly understand what you are going through

  • Johnnie, I know you are feeling this physically and that you are not going crazy.

  • Yeah they even look at me wierd saying i have problems or something because when i go tot he docter sayhave nothing that is anxiety but dont know what it is because they are not going through it

  • You are absolutely correct. And I'm sorry for that. But know that you are not alone with the way others think of us. We've all been put down for having anxiety (an invisible disorder) How sad...

  • yeah am just afraid of dying because of this plus because of the chest pains aswell

  • You won't die. Your body is extremely sensitive to stress and anxiey. You've probably been in a high stress-state for quite some time. So now, your body is sensitive to minute amounts of stress that wouldn't bother most folks. De-sensitising yourself is going to take time and so from time-to-time you're still going to be feeling some stress-related chest pain. The sooner you start to de-stress your mind, your body will slowly start to respond with fewer symptoms. It WON'T take overnight though, so patience is a MUST.

  • Yeah you right because i would take meds but havent take meds for three months ever sense it started but i do get severe chest pains

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