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Constant chest pains at my whits end!


Hi there I am constantly getting chest pains and pains in my bak. Then pain is always at the left side of my chest it's horrible I constantly think I am having it going to have a heart attack! I am only 23 and have been suffering with HA since I have been 15 I have had so many ECG's , bloods, X-rays and everything. Has came bak normal I am sick of always running to the doctors and a&e! My two worst thing at te moment is always thinking something is wrong withh my heart and head as I said I ways have chest pains at left side and in my back. Constantly have dizziness. Preassure in my head, and feeling out of it as if I'm not in my own body. Dose anyone else have these problems and symptoms I'm at my Whitsend and do not now what to do :(

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Hi there:)

First of all , take a big deep breath and exhale slowly.

What you are describing is anxiety. It comes in many different forms and it feeds of fear.

Have you tried cbt?

If not go to your doctor and get refered.

Next, checkout Mindfulness it's a great way to keep things focused, calm and relaxed.

Headspace and are very good sites:)

Try to understand that anxiety won't hurt you. When you get a symptom such as chest pain, scary as it is, try to keep in mind that is anxiety and it will pass, don't give your symptoms a second thought because it will pass.

Try not to dwell on it, I know that's easier said than done but trust me... It will pass:)

Take care x

nevara in reply to Yummimummi

Thank you for your comment. It is very reassuring

Thank you yummimunmie I have been refered for CBT. Have then coming out to see me this week. Hopefully they can help I am just totally a bag of nerves I try ignore the chest pain as much as I can and not give it a second thought I am just really struggeling as my pain can last all day without subsiding I always try and tell myself I have been checked my heart is fine. Then my anxiety thoughts get the better of me then my mind just goes crazy I will Deffinetly have a look at mindfulness ect. I have heard a lot of good things about that thank you x

Yummimummi in reply to Cha123

No problem. Just a thought if you are not on meds have you tried Kalms or Quiet Life.

They are a good alternative :) x

My doctor has just prescribed me Sertaline but I am going to go back and speak with her about then as I have seen nothing but bad experiances with them . I haven't tried calm I have had that mentioned to me before think I will need to have a wee look into them x

I honestly thought I wrote that I have the exact thing at the moment. I have been and had a 5 day ECG loads at a and e and blood tests to. No matter how much they say I'm fine it dussnt sink in as it's so worrying. I'm scared of going to the gym because of it. I have a tight chest now and I was thinking of going to walkin. I guess it's just remembering if they say we are fine to trust them but I know how hard it is

Mcminn1 it's such a horrible thing. I have just rang and made myself a docs app I have been having on going chest pain since the w.e I have tried my hardest to just ignore it and let if pass, but as per usual it hasent it's constent stupid pain always there torturing me. I wish I could just be normal what it would be like to live without anxiety eh? X


Hello. I too have the chest pains and dizziness and my head feels constantly heavy and like its full of cotton wool, I get a foggy brain and can't remember what I am doing. Same as you my tests keep coming back normal and I have had trips to A&E. I had a baby 8 months ago and they have put me on clithoropram because they think I have got postnatal anxiety. I know how you feel hun it's awful I hate getting out of bed everyday I can barely look after myself never mind my baby :( x

Charlhawk, congrats on ur baby news. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and since falling pregnant my anxiety has went threw the roof I totally now how your feeling I also have a 3 year old son and it's not a nice experiance being along trying to care for a child expecially wen u are feeling the way you are and being riddled with fear. Hopefully this doctors app I have today will put my mind at ease again for a few days as that's really only how long it willast till good old anxiety creeps back up again :( xx

Yeh I know I want to click my fingers lol.


Congratulations to you too. I know my doctors must be sick of me think I've been there more the last few months than I have the rest of my life x

I get these pains too. It's been happening since last Saturday, which I think was bought on by being outside in the evening without a jacket. I am worried but I know if this was my heart, I would be in hospital by now. It's not a nice pain but pain killers and being warm helps so much

Hi there, I feel for you. Have you had a diabetes test? I use to feel dizzy alot and my doctor did some tests and said that happens because my sugar level drops so I'm now taking diabex tablets which help stabilise my sugar level.

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