My Heart is Worrying me

My heart sometimes going fast for no reason am not thinking about anything bad or anything am just relaxing sometimes when am walking going really fast or when am really not do anything no excersise i been to a heart docter he said my heart is fine did a thyriod test came back normal had a 7 day heart monitor a day before going to take it my heart was going fast i was in a car and all of sudden my heart was going really fast went to 150 and he called me told me not to worry to relax it dont seems like nothing big he when i went to see him he asked me what happen i told him he told everything look good seems like you have stress or your nervous and he told me probably i had a little bit arythmia but not a serious one not dangerous at all then he told me he was going to make me do the stress test on a trim mill he told me everything looks good my heart is really strong he told me it seem like i dont excersise he told me am fine my heart is fine to not worry and to see him in three months but all i wanna know it has to be something wrong because my heart is always racing fast and something times i get these severe chest pains am 20 years old but still am worried because i get these sharp shooting pains out of no where sometimes and one my chest look swollen then the other my left side where my heart is at look a little bigger then the right side but idk hopefully dont get a heart attack or stroke just making me nervous.


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  • Experiencing chest tightness and pain are hallmarks of anxiety.. it's very very uncomfortable because these symptoms can very well feel like a heart attack. Trust me I have been exactly where you are. Not to worry though.. as scary as it is, it is harmless.

    I think sometimes when we have GAD and are under a lot of anxiety and stress... we tend to experience random adrenaline rushes...

    so when we are sitting on the couch and we think we are relaxing etc... all of a sudden a wave of anxiety and adrenaline come out of no where. When this happens the best thing to do is not to react to it. As HARD as it is.. tell yourself "oh hey here is my anxiety again.. but im not scared of it because I've been checked out and I am okay! Anxiety is just trying to freak me out" The more you accept it... the less it will show its ugly head πŸ˜‰

  • yeah so you think my heart is fine if i already went to a heart docter?

  • If you feel like you need reassurance I'm sure you could call the office where you were seen and talk to them about your concerns.

    if you've had a lot of test...ekg..stress test... heart monitor... anything that would have been concerning would have shown up then. Anxiety is very tricky and makes us feel all sorts of sensations that can really make you worry even more.. maybe try doing some relaxing videos on your phone.. or going out and doing something to try and get your mind off the symptoms, give it a week or two and see if that helps. X

  • Yeah i was going to see another heart docter just to see but you know like you said if it all came back good then i shouldnt worry but the syphtoms you know have me worried espically when my heart starts to go fast certain times and get the chest pains

  • Yes. Those were probably the most terrifying for me as well. I would trust the cardiologist that you were seen by, they seemed to have checked you out very well πŸ™‚

  • Yeah i will it just the pain and the heart rate wont just relax

  • Your nervous system has been on edge for awhile so it will take a bit for it to calm down. Just give it time πŸ™‚

  • You are okay Johnnie, your doctor believes that. Now you must believe.

  • am going to try to believe it

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