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Heavy chest and discomfort heart feels like it's pounding all the time feel like something stuck in my throat I hate this

Hi is anyone else feeling the same my chest has been so heavy and discomfort it's scared and my heart pounds I can feel it I keep feeling as if something stuck in my throat what can I do to sort this I hate it and I kept going docs but they say it's anxiety even when I phone to make appointment now they ask what's the reason because I went quite a lot so I hate phoning now it's as if they think am stupid or something please help x

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Hi Saz, we can all relate to you. I was at the doctors a lot as well as hospital visits, thought I was going crazy. I saw about 6 different doctors at my practice. Are you currently on medication?

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Well my doctors want me to starte propranolol but am to scared too I don't like taking tablets but I keep getting sharp pain in left boob and am worried they is still something to do with my heart X


I'm on these tablets, maybe worth giving them a try?


How have you been on them


Ok so far, only been a few days on them. How you feeling just now?


Still the same its horrible my symptoms feel so scared but am scared to take them how many do you take. A day


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