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Looking for advice, and my story.


So guys since about November 2015 I've been dealing with some strange health stuff it all started as strange spells of confusion/ a high like feeling that would come over me then over time it felt like eventually it became permanent and has been effecting my daily life. As time has gone I have started getting new symptoms like a large amount of eye floaters,seeing raindrop like spots shoot across my vision when I cough, extreme fatigue, really bad anxiety, panic attacks, memory problems, insomnia and like my sense of time seems to be going faster. When this all started I swore I had a brain tumor or I was dying hundreds of tests later im here I've had multiple MRIs eegs, blood tests ranging from cbc,ana, tsh, vitamin d, crp, a1c, and many many more even lyme tests nothing has come back different besides a low vitamin d level. My anxiety sleep and panic attacks have gotten alot worse lately and I've been seeing psych but my mind keeps telling me that something serious is causing this and it'll kill me. I guess what i'm trying to ask you guys is what do you think I should do do you think there is a test im missing or do you know any tests or anything that can help me break this feed back loop of stress. Thank you for the time and effort you put in for me ♡

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Have you meds ?

dawners in reply to Elfje

Yes I have tried meds

Elfje in reply to dawners

Which one ? A therapist is also needed

Have you researched derealisation? That's what this sounds like. I have it 24/7 as well. Kind of feels like you just took a hit off a joint constantly. If you've had all of those tests you are NOT dying. (:

dawners in reply to someone5673

What do you do to get relief

someone5673 in reply to dawners

Go on youtube and practice mindfulness meditation. Cut down on caffeine. Never ever ever smoke weed. Try doing as much as you can regardless of how you feel.

Agora1 in reply to someone5673

:) xx

Have you tried getting a second opinion from did get different specialist? Have you considered changing your diet, integrating exercise routine during your day? I had an episode two months ago where I would get dizzy and nauseous and lots of headaches- Dr. told me I lacked vit. D. and low iron. I don't like pills, I started eating healthier (more fresh fruits, veggies, no red meats, less carbs) and exercise 20-30 min. I started feeling better.

Meds give me a lot of side effects.

I hope you can find a solution to feel well. I know how frustrating that can be.

dawners in reply to YolyD

Yeah I've seen two neurologists and 2 endocrinologist a sleep doctor and 5 different family doctors

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