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Hopingto see the light. I truly hate amxiety, stress, panic and low depression

When I was younger I had my first anxiety attack and panic attack. Ran to the bar where my uncle worked and called 911. Thought I was dying of some drug overdose. Did alot of drugs back in the day.

I got diagnosed with chronic anxiety and panic attacks that lasted 2 years straight. I never took medication I just felt with the nonsense of it. Lightheaded, out of body experience, sick all the time. Constant ER trips. Even a suicide attempt hat landed me in a mental ward.

Eventually it went away for about 15 years until I took a very high stressed job and started giving me anxiety and panic attacks again. After 15 years.

Everyday for 6 months I Ave severe stress, anxiety and panic attacks that landed me in the ER, 3 times and the wife had to come home alot so I wouldn't pass out.

8 weeks ago I woke up lightheaded and everything looked to bright. Over the course of 8 weeks i have experienced alot of sickness.

Headaches, loss of appetite lost 50 Pounds, lightheaded, brain fog, some memory issues, fatigue, trouble swallowing, lump in thtoat, heat sensitive, overall a really crappy feeling. I can still feel my body stressing and I can still feel the anxiety.

I tried to control it on my own the stress, anxiety, panic and depression but I've failed. So I asked the doctor to be placed on an SSRI. I hate medications but it's affected my entire life this past 8 weeks.

They started me on Prozac this morning which so far no side affects but of course it takes time to really work.

I've had every test under the sun just to make sure, cat scans, mri, full blood work on everything, ultrasound, scope done, bacteria tests for hplyori and SIBO. You name it I had it done. Everything perfect.

Has anyone else experienced what im going through? This seems like a nightmare that I want to end.

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Hi, I'm sure you will find out shortly that most of us have gone through the same symptoms that you have and maybe more. The best thing you did was to have a complete physical as well as change your mind about needing some help with medication for a while. There is nothing wrong with that. Prozac is a good drug, but takes several weeks to get to the full potential. Maybe you may be in therapy while on this med since the medication itself is not the answer, it's just a respite while you work towards the answer to your anxiety.

Living with anxiety is a nightmare that we all wish would end. And it will one day. Meanwhile, work towards that goal with a good therapist who will help you find some answers.


I am speaking to a therapist at my local church. Who happens be my pastor. He is helping me by talking alot about my issues. To me this all started when I took a high stress management job that just has been a nightmare.

I will be leaving this job and moving on to something else in life.

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It sounds like you are moving in the right direction. How great is that to have a therapist who is also your pastor. Having a high stress management position would certainly take you down this road. Maybe not always an easy choice but leaving this job and moving on to something else may benefit you in many ways. Physically and emotionally. I wish you a lot of success.

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Thank you and much appreciated. I've decided once I start to feel better that's when I'm going to move on. This year has just been a crazy year.

I lost a child due to missed carriage, High stressed job, I had 2 cars that had many break downs. There was just so much stress this year I couldn't take it anymore and lost it. On top of it since I took this job my over all sleep has diminished to 2-4 hours per night so that's going to change as well.

I also had a nervous breakdown down many months ago that landed me in the ER. I have 2 kids and a loving wife who understands as well.

And I love health unlocked. so far it's been a great place to talk. I've tried many other places on the internet and did not feel so welcomed

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I am so sorry for the loss of your child, nothing could compare to that but when topped with other highly stressed issues, it's bound to happen. It's our body's way of telling us we need to slow down. It sounds like you have a lot of positive things going on and that is having 2 children as well as a loving wife who understands. (that plays a big part in turning anxiety around)

I'm glad you found health unlocked, it is an amazing place to come with so many caring and understanding people. Enjoy your evening with your lovely family. Take care


They started me on 20mg Prozac and im wondering this is the first time ever taking medication. How long does it usually take on average and I now everyone's different to really start working.

I'm not on my second pill so I'm sure it takes more time then


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