Sertraline for anxiety?

Hi all,

I have just started taking 50mg Sertraline starting today and I just wanted to know if anyone had any advice on what I'm going to feel, its the first anti-depressant I've ever taken.

I have suffered with panic attacks from October-January with terrible nausea and weight loss, I have come far since then, now being able to do my normal daily tasks without feeling scared, however the underlying anxiety is still there and the queasy feeling comes back whenever I feel worried.

I have signed up with iTalk, the NHS anxiety and depression service also.

I originally went to the doctor for advice on what other tests I can have done for my stomach (already had thyroid blood tests and gastroscopy) but she said it doesn't sound like a physical stomach or bowel issue, it sounds like anxiety as all my tests have come back clear.

Any advice on anti-depressants (Sertraline especially) would be great as in a few weeks I have to get my first flight (only 1 hour) since all this panic has happened and I don't want the medication to make me feel really anxious and sick.



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5 Replies

  • Hi, new to this so don't know too much to be fair and I'm still trying to deal with my anxiety myself with out meds, but I do know my friend is on Sertraline and before he was worse then me but he been on em a while and has no side affects and seems fine mate :)

  • I've been prescribed sertraline too but I'm trying my best to do it without meds. Anxiety is awful. We never know how we are gonna feel from one day to the next!

  • yh the min im awake im already anxious about how im going to feel that day :(

  • Hi, anxiety is difficult to overcome which is why I have turned to medication as a final step to hopefully recovering from the panic and anxiety. That's really reassuring, thank you, I hope this medication goes well and I hope you find relief with your anxiety. :)

  • i think a nice holiday in the sun would help :)

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