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Head pain dizzy and muscle twitching

For the past 5 months or so I've had a strange feeling one of panic I've had a few panic attacks and dizzy spells and that kind of stuff, I've only been seeing the doc for the last month or so they gave me a full blood count and I had an eye test because my vision was blurred for a second they both where fine. This past few weeks I've had constant head pressure, pains and a migraine pain behind the eye and ears I also get tinnitus my muscles also twitch when I am still and I'm starting to freak out I feel awful from the the time I wake until the time I go tosleep does any1 else feel this bad ? How can this just be stress and anxiety ?

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Trust me everything you just typed is exactly what I feel, have felt, and I hate it. Just know it's not just you. I ask myself this same thing. This cannot be anxiety and stress. I say all the time it must be something else and these doctors are missing something. I was so down when I woke up it gad my whole day messed up because I woke up feeling dreadful. You will not believe me. I feel the same symptoms you are. The dizziness, blurred vision, I even just feel detached even when I drive irs like I don't even know how I make it to my destination sometimes because I be in such a tunnel vision and detached. Like I'm out of focus. The head pressure, brain feels strained. Yes everything you mentioned I can relate. I've lost so much weight in the past 3 months because my appetite was so screwed up I was forcing myself to eat. It is a nightmare. I've cried so much.

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Iv been having muscles twitches and blared vision my latest two symptoms I also see things in th corner of my eyes they are quite scary getting my eyes tested tomorrow but anxiety can really mess your body up completely so it's most likely anxiety


I'm the same but worse as I've got constant stomach aches now too and react badly to most food. My vision has definitely got worse over the months. I can't handle much more. Are you lot on any meds or have you tried any meds? The thing is I was kind of like it 10 years ago and took citalapram which gave me the muscle twitching, jolting awake and panic attacks but back then I just thought it was my anxiety getting worse so carried on taking the med and I was ok after a few weeks. But this time I realised it was the the drug giving me them symptoms so stopped after a few days and now I've had muscle twitching ever since (8 months) I keep wondering if I had kept taking them they may have disappeared after a few weeks.


I don't take any meds dude we haven't got that fare with the doctor yet. I don't want to use meds but I don't no how much more I can handle I haven't been tested yet but I genuinely believe I have a brain tumour it's horrible my anxiety is through the roof


Well I've had a million test including brain scan and all came back clear. I was thinking I had a leaky gut which was leaking toxins into my bloodstream and my immune system was kicking in which was giving me the feelings as I always get them half hour after eating certain food and in the night and mornings. But if you're not having stomach issues it can't be that. I'm getting the feelings now after Poached egg on toast, my stomach is bubbling like crazy. I've started 2 new meds today but they haven't had any effect, not sure they only work after a week or so though. I'm waiting for immunologist and gastro appointments at the moment but doctors think they won't find anything.


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