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My symptoms/anxiety story

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Hi all!

I've decided to list a few of my bothersome anxiety symptoms here to see who could relate. I've always been an anxious person, since childhood and did have it at an all time low about 2 years ago when I actively meditated. I more or less still try to meditate but am struggling getting back into the routine I had before, but I do know it is possible. I have been seeing a therapist for the first time for about a month now, the talking it out does help a bit, I've never reached out for help for anxiety in the past. I had major panic attacks while in high school and never understood why they were happening. I'd feel a sudden urge of dread while sitting in class, I felt trapped and the need to escape, sweaty palms, pounding heart - the whole nine. Anyways, more recently my anxiety has peaked. For whatever reason, my body has had enough and physically expresses these symptoms. Me being a hypochondriac with health anxiety, doesn't help at all. I also have a bit of social anxiety and am extremely non-confrontational. When I need to confront someone or they confront me about anything, my body shakes and heart pounds. I've been that way since I was very young. My mind is convinced I am always misunderstood and alone in this. I am considering anxiety medication and would like to know what is out there for meds, since I will be asking my doctor for medication soon. My anxiety, like any is numbed by alcohol, too much however makes it worse, I have to know my limit. My older brother is also a highly anxious person and is a severe alcoholic, a path I'd like to avoid - hence my desire for anxiety meds as opposed to drinking it all away. Anxiety also runs in my family, my mom has always been a nervous person, my dad is prescribed anxiety meds, paces with an anxious mind, etc.

Below is a list of my symptoms which do come in go, in various degrees either in pairs, by themselves, or multiple symptoms at once. I obviously have the emotional symptoms of anxiety so I will simply list the bothersome physical ones that always convince my mind I am dying...

-occasional hypnic "night jerks" (right when I am about to fall asleep my head slightly jerks and wakes me, sometimes this will only happen once, sometimes a few times and sometimes will be continuous after a night panic attack.)

-occasional night time panic attacks (I wake up feeling like I lost my breath, heart pounding, but after a few minutes I am fine, just exhausted)

-pins and needles in hands/feet

-occasional heart palpitations

-nervous tick of the head/neck

-teeth grinding

-scalp tightness/tenderness

-band around the head/heavy head feeling.


-shakes/tremors/chills (these have waded off a bit as of today)

-a few more but these are the most common.

like I said most of these are controlled when drinking, like they are not even there...

Mentally I always think about the "worst case scenario" and how I would handle it or picture it in my head.

It's a very frustrating and irrational way to live, and I know this thinking is habitual and something I need to overcome. I am hoping meds and further therapy, and even this website will help me out. I am so ready to get this under control once and for all. Any feedback/support/similar stories would be much appreciated!

--Alyssa :)

8 Replies

Also forgot to mention tense, sore muscles/ stiff neck

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Hi, I've always been a nervous child when I was little too, didn't like noisy crowds, was quick to get anxious. I wasn't too bad until I went to school and was bullied, I would feel very sick at school and panicky, hard to concentrate. I kept being sent home all the time unwell. Everyone thought I was faking but I genuinely felt ill. I know the symptoms you describe, I thought it was just me with the night jerks just as I was falling asleep. Nausea is my biggest symptom as I really do feel really sick and am going to vomit. Also the feeling of genuine panic! Because of this I find it difficult to leave the house and am unemployed. I've long left school but the damage still remains. I came on this site too seeking others who felt as I do, my mind still tries to convince me I'm alone in this even though now I know I'm not!


any one legs felt funny like tingles numb .. abd though cant feel them ..... had anixrty a whlie awful .... x


Hi alyssa :-) I could be looking in a mirror with your symptoms.... Firstly I'd say drinking does not help it just numbs....if you can...limit yourself to what you drink. The head/jaw/fast pulse etc all normal signs of anxiety. I also think it's hereditary as my mum used to have anxiety but now drinks every night and has health issues. As for meds....drs have given me meds over the years but I've avoided taking them...somehow I always find a way to get my head out of my bottom and struggle through. For the pain if anything I'd ask for amitriptiline ....used that for 3 years on and off....but be warned you can not drink alky hol with them. They are used for pain to relax muscles and they work on the head n jaw thing. Hope you feel better soon


Hi Alyssa,

If I would list my symptoms, I would simply cut and paste all of yours from your post. So suffice to say no need to do that.

It's good to hear from someone who has this under control to some extent, and someone who is determined not to let this beat her. That gives everyone else hope that they can look forward to regaining some of their lost life, but the recovery doesn't come easily, nor without a lot of hard work. This demon really wants to hold onto us for as long as it can.

I read a lot of posts on here, and many have suffered this evil demon for many, many years, including yourself. I used to think, poor sods, so long to suffer it. For me, it has been about 3 months of the panic attacks, and I used to think the anxiety too. Going through this, has made me stop and think and try to figure what I've been doing wrong. It's made me think about the past, and so, I've realised that I've had anxiety attacks, though not panic attacks thankfully, for a large part of my life. I distinctly remember anxiety attacks I had when I was in my teens. I distinctly remember anxiety attacks I had in my thirties and forties. So in an ironic way, I'm nearly glad this has happened, as when I go to CBT therapy in a few weeks, I can work on issues, not just in the recent past, but in the distant past.

I, like you, largely have the panic attacks under control at the moment. But I still sense the triggers. I read a lot about breathing, relaxing, mental state, sleep, eating and digestion, and medication. I am on low dose Zoloft now plus various potions and supplements from a naturopath. Something is working, although, I don't know if it's any of these things individually, or they all add their two cents to the mix and work as a team.

So for everybody on here reading this, take heart in the knowledge that once you find your own right combination of therapy, this war is winnable. You must stop focusing on the symptoms, though, and focus on the treatment and elimination of the cause, or at least keeping it well under control, while also managing the symptoms, ie: the panic attacks.

All the very best wishes to everybody here.



I have a lot in common with you Alyssa. I have had these things off and on most of my life. I'm trying Zoloft which doesn't seem to be doing much yet. Also take Xanax which helps me keep my sanity. Your definitely not alone. Stay strong and


Blessings to you. :)


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