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App for anxiety that seems to be helping me

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Hello everybody

It sounds like a lot of us are struggle with insomnia or night time panic or anxiety? I do. A lot. Sometimes just as the sun starts to set I start feeling anxious. Apprehension for what the night will bring.

So for about 2, 5 weeks I was experiencing severe insomnia and anxiety. I would fall asleep and then immediately wake up again feeling nauseous and anxious.. That would repeat for hours. Generally around 2am, when that adrenaline producing cortisol hormone spikes/resets for the next day I would be crawling in my skin till about 4/5am. Then sleep till 8am ish. I felt so tired and emotionally drained. Can anyone relate?

I was not practicing meditation or relaxation up until then. I was doing the breathing exercises and generally using distraction methods. That wasn't really helping to much in the middle of the night.

I found something that seems to be working. It's a free App I use. It's called Stop Panic and Anxiety Self Help. It has these articles you read to educate and rethink the anxiety, audios to listen to help with relaxation, mindfulness, meditation and basically rewiring your anxious brain through Cognitive Behavioral Theraphy. It also has a diary which is really uselfull to log your anxiety/emotions and then it takes you through steps to reach a more positive outcome. It also helps to track your anxiety so you can be more aware or triggers etc.

I've been practicing everyday. Morning and evening. Listening to audios and visualizing what the narrator is describing. I feel a lot better. Less anxious. I'm sleeping more and falling asleep easier. I'm also using a herbal supplement for insomnia. It contains L-Theanine, Passion Flower, Magnesium, Chamomile, Phosphatitydilserine & Magnolol. I drink it at night with a meal. Also I have stopped consuming alcohol at night. Generally no booze later than 6pm. Oh and I've cut down my sugar intake even more. (Obviously I don't drink coffee).

I don't know if this would work for everyone but I thought I should share incase it works for someone.

Try the App. Cut down on the sugar and alcohol. Take a herbal supplement for sleep and get some exercise. Something easy like walking or yoga.

I wish you all a safe, healthy, happy and peaceful NY.


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Thanks for the recommendation

Thanks for that I am going to download it and give it a try I find meditation an excellent source for falling asleep I also take a herbal pill a hour before bed one is a valerian pill and the other one I take is called sleep easy also with valerian having these pills and meditating makes me sleep right threw the night I used to be like you and make up every few hours and have difficulties falling asleep. I will definitely try that app thanks so much all the best and namaste ♥️

I started falling asleep last 2 nights while listening to the audios on the app while meditating. Also by logging my emotions and anxiety I've been able to think myself into a better state of mind. I still wake up at 2am and around 5am but I don't feel anxious when I do and I manage to fall back asleep quickly enough.

Hopefully with daily practice I can maintain this more peaceful state of mind.

I should add I've started practicing acoustic guitar for a couple of minutes everyday. I watch YouTube lessons. Might be adding to my improvents.

New year. New approach


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