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Is there any help for health anxiety?


I'm new to this page. I have had anxiety and panic disorder for almost 8 years. Initially it was so bad that I could barely function. I spent most of the time looking for answers. Why is this happening? What can I do to stop it? How long will it last? I've sought help from countless doctors and specialists and healers. I've had blood work, saliva testing, MRI of my brain. And I played psych med Russian Roulette. Some mess worked for a bit, most made it worse. In the end, I'm left with klonopin as needed.

After a while I also went the alternative route: Meditation, biofeedback, reiki, essential oils, Bach flower essence, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and on and on. To be honest, a lot of this has probably helped me more than the western medicine but nothing works to completely erase the symptoms. I still have at least one moment everyday where i feel like I could lose my mind. Most days I can take control but sometimes it gets past me.

The thing is, after all of the time I spent looking for answers, I still find myself with horrible health anxiety. I know too much now and every ache or pain or any symptom, no matter how small, triggers my anxiety and I just know that I'm dying. What I really need to know is this: How do I stop it? I just want it to go away.

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Have you read a book called Dare by Barry mcdonagh? Also hope and help for your nerves by Clair weekes? They may help you.

What do you do with yourself work wise and in your spare time? Do you have kids and a family? Maybe you need to find a passion to really focus your energy on and in turn hopefully get your mind of the anxiety and health worries?

I think if I didn't have kids I would go travel or invest in a business or something really big to put all my focus in sometimes I think that would help me.

I don't know you've tried so much so I'm just trying to throw out some different ideas.

I hope you feel better soon xx

BB106 in reply to Aazz

Thank you. I do have Claire Weekes Pass Through Panic book. I'll try the others. I audit medical records for a living. That certainly does not help but it pays well and I need the benefits. I have 2 grown children and I like to draw and paint but I can't seem to do it when my head is in the wrong place. You are right though, I really do need to find ways to occupy my mind elsewhere. The problem is, just when I am starting to feel like a "normal" person, one small ache or pain stops me in my tracks. I wish I could turn off the response.

Aazz in reply to BB106

I'm exactly the same small aches pains or weird sensations stop me too. But the times when I've been very occupied with a certain goal even when organising my kids Birthday parties I find It gets better. But it's hard to always keep occupied but by occupied I mean so into the task that your mind completely forgets about anything else finding tasks that can do that for you is actually challenging. We'll get there xx

BB106 in reply to Aazz

I really like this idea, Aazz, It will be challenging to keep refocusing my mind but also worthwhile. You've reminded me of the teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn. He talks about doing everything mindfully...completely focused on the task at hand, thinking of nothing else. Mindfulness is so important but keeps getting away from me. Thank you for the reminder! It gives me a sense of hope.

BB106, you have described my current situation almost to a t. I too suffer with health Anxiety and feel like I have exhausted all options. I have been reading Hope and Health for your nerves by Claire Weekes. Dr. Weekes does put our illness into perspective and gives us tools to overcome it. But I have still not implemented correctly. There is comfort to an extent knowing that others are struggling just like you. The idea of not being alone in this fight helps. Have you tried counseling?

Hi Smalls7755. I'm sorry that you are experiencing this too. I've been with a counselor for 7 years. She is amazing and has really helped but I think we've reached a point where my tool box is full. She tells me that I need to embrace this part of me and let go of the thoughts like balloons floating into the sky. I try to but sometimes I am just so exhausted by it all and I feel weak and vulnerable. And that's when it's the worst. Another person recommended the Hope and Health. I'll definitely add it to my tool box. Maybe this one will be the one that will help me put it all to rest.

I feel ya! It's amazing to know other people feel this way too! But know it gets better. I had it for awhile and then went away and recently actually it came back. But in my head I think oh this time it could be different, maybe something is really wrong with me. I started seeing a councilor and she was telling me it is when I have big life events or change. Even if it is good, like I just turned 21 but I got triggered by me entering this new stage of my life and going through a break up. My councilor said I put this stress and anxiety on my health (so I have something to worry about) and think oh these pains I'm feeling can't be anxiety.... but REALLY THEY CAN BE! So to conclude this, you really are not alone. I still have bad days and days with anxiety through the rough, it de-motivates me and it sucks. But I'm working on it and getting better and understanding more Day by day. So my advice to you is limit stimulants (a ton of caffeine, etc) accept and realize that anxiety can make you physically feel symptoms and feel psychosomatic symptoms! (Chest pain, arm, leg, headaches, breathing differently, and the list goes on) but know worrying doesn't save you.. and these symptoms are Anxiety! We can beat it. I know easier said than done but stay positive! Then lastly find the right balance. Try and get enough sleep (I need to work on this, as I post this at 3:30am). Work on a healthy diet, drink water. And take time for yourself l, even if only 20 minutes a day, try meditation or just a walk/exercise.

-be Positive! Anxiety is nothing! We can beat it.

Aazz in reply to Jschnie4

That is such a good point worrying doesn't save you! Amazing actually!

The other very good point you make is that there are good and bad stressors, a good stressor maybe planning a wedding having a baby etc and I think people don't understand why such a good thing can cause anxiety or other mental health problems but they can be big life changes that bring stress and worry you may not be thinking consciously about and it comes out I the form of mental disorders in our case anxiety. Interesting...

Thank you!

Hello love, I'm sorry you are feeling this way! One thing that I have learned is that ANXIETY will make you feel like you have everything on the world wrong with you! I have gone to countless doctors and hand almost every test ran...they were all normal....every doctor has said it's only anxiety, even the ER doctor....what helps me is thinking logical, if you were really truly sick you would not be on this site, that's literally how I had to get past it and the anxiety will stop and ease up....we have to stop the big A in its will go away soon! I'm just now driving after 2 months! My anxiety literally broke me down!! We will fight through this together!!

Acceptance!! If you desperately go looking for things to make your anxiety disappear it never will, there is no magic cure, no magic wand. If you accept that this is who you are, your mind and body stop fighting and searching and therefore become less stressed. This is based on Claire Weekes teachings. This is my experience and that of a few people I know.

Don't fight, if you do anxiety will always win, because it has endless ways of frightening you and when you stop fearing one symptom it will bring another one on. Truly ACCEPT who you are and what happens to you.

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