Anxiety depression please help me somebody

Hi guys I don't know if anyone can help me but for the last 5 weeks I've been in a terrible way . It first started I was having a row with somebody after it stopped I felt off balance my vision was as if I could see sideways and ended up on the floor .

Since this event I had a holiday scheduled before the build up to this I had no energy constantly sleeping , unhappy , feeling alone can't talk to anyone . I've built up such a anxiety inside I just don't want to leave my house .

Although I have I feel constantly on edge worried but the thing that's scaring me the most is the dizziness I'm getting .

I used to be such a happy boy confident but I feel now I'm nobody and I can't look after myself .

I can't even walk around a shop as soon as i put myself where there's other people I melt down I don't get sweaty just the feeling of I'm going to faint. And the thoughts that im going to loose my mind and not no who I am please somebody help me.


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  • Aww

    I feel the same way too it's going to be ok

  • What symptoms do you get i feel trapped atm it's horrible

  • I'm currently feeling on edge my eyes are dry & puffy from crying I can't catch a breathe it's a horrible cycle that doesn't seem to stop

    I constantly over worry about my health googling doesn't make it any better

    Sometimes I get lightheaded

    Or the tingling & numbness in the legs it's horrible

  • I've been getting the numbness in legs like you don't even have them actually feeling like you have a loss of legs its so nasty . I hope you feel better and Google Dosent help I have tried listening to them self hypnosis videos on YouTube but I just fall asleep and wake up feeling the same again

  • Yes!

    Google doesn't help one bit

    I googled sinusitis today and I got freaked out so bad I still am

    I'm afraid of any infection from it

  • Where in the uk are you based as near where I live there is a lady who promises to get rid of anxiety and overthinking

  • Hi Joey1992, It sounds like that "row" you had with someone caused your adrenaline to peak and bring out all these terrifying symptoms of Anxiety. This really got to you but know that the happy, confident boy is still there within you. Right now it seems like you just want to hide from the world but you can't hide from yourself Joey. Over breathing (shallow breathing) can cause that faint like symptom. Reversing your breathing to a deep slow breath can make a big difference in how you feel. We have all felt that fear before in feeling we are losing control of our body, our emotions.

    Knowing and accepting that this feeling is coming from anxiety can help you but you need to understand first how the mind/body connection takes place. Reading Dr. Claire Weekes book on "Hope & Help for your Nerves" is highly recommended by many on the forum. It explains the interconnection of a thought out of control and how it can give you believable symptoms that are not dangerous, not life threatening.

    You can listen to Dr. Weekes videos on YouTube. It may help relieve some of your fears and reassure you that you are okay. You are still in control, you just need to release that fear inside you. Please continue to come to the forum for support and understanding and knowing you are not alone. My best Joey!

  • Thanks so much for that message where so much thought has gone into it . Since it's happened I don't know wether depression has kicked in but I feel so tired confused I can't remember the smallest of things I'm worrying even more I'll take a look at them videos in a moment thanks agora 1 xx

  • You are welcome Joey....Really listen to what she is saying..

  • I have constant dizziness 24/7 except when I lay down. Must be from the Myelopothy. I know what you are feeling Joey.

  • Sounds like social anxiety. There is help for that. Cognitive behaviour is effective for many people. Anxiety often makes people feel like they are going to faint. Most Don't but even if you did it's not that terrible. Try making yourself faint in the company of a friend to get over your fear of fainting.

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