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Can you help me with my Anxiety problems?


My name is Astrid. I am severely suffering with Anxiety problems. I worry about situations and small things unnecessarily and quite frequently. I'm 19 years old turning 20 in three months, I fear that my days of being young and having fun will be eliminated by my Anxiety, which is why I've joined the Anxiety UK Community today. I find that the stress i'm enduring has rose significantly due to the pressures of my Anxiety problems. Not only do I worry about things but I find it difficult to sleep, therefore disrupting my routine. I'm up all hours, i'm feeling tired a lot in the day due to this. I'm over-thinking and my brain is over-active all the time so I can't concentrate on one thing or be relaxed. I'm constantly eating more, i'm becoming more anxious and scared in social situations. I have to ask my friends or family to basically "hold my hand", not in the literal sense. I get nervous all the time, sometimes I get nervous about going downstairs just to say hello to my family. I hide away in my room until eventually feeling okay enough to go downstairs. I have panic attacks occasionally, sometimes it hurts because I feel like I can't breathe, it feels like one sharp intake of breath and then that's it - I think i'm gonna die. Oh God help me!

I feel like it's taking over my life. I've tried reading a book to help with Anxiety but it didn't work and hasn't helped at all.

Maybe i'll figure this all out, but for now, what should I do? What's the best way to deal with this? CBT? Seeing a doctor? A therapist? Can anybody give me some answers about anxiety?

I am so unsure. I feel so alone.


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Hi Astrid

I suffer with Anxiety disorder too. It wont last forever so you dont need to worry about that. If you are finding it difficult to cope, it is worth a visit to your doctors and asking about CBT. I have severe health anxiety which was causing me panic attacks everyday and the CBT has reduced my Anxiety and Panic attacks so far by about 50%. I have a about 6 more sessions left and it has helped me a great deal to be able to control my thinking and to stop my anxiety escalating into panic. I am debating whether to go on anti-depressants or not but I will see how things go over the next few weeks. You are not alone this site has a great number of supportive people on here going through the same thing as you and me. Anxiety disorder is treatable so dont worry, its just an awful thing to have to go through but try and realise it is only a temporary moment in your life and it will pass. Panic attacks do make you feel like something really bad is about to happen like death and other awful things that is the nature of panic and fear, nothing bad is going to happen and it passes as im sure you know. But if it is getting to much for you go and see your GP they are normally very supportive and you can ask about CBT.

For now take care



Dear Astrid007,

I am sorry to read that you are having a tough time.

After I read your words, 'I feel so alone' I though of what someone wrote to me after I had just joined this site. He wrote something like 'you are not alone'. Those words helped me.

It sounds like talking with your GP about what you have written down in this blog would be a great start.

I wish you all the very best.

warmest regards,



Hi love your not alone and believe it or not there are so many of us out there suffering with same or similar symptoms i have been suffering for the last 4 months with this and i felt as though it was taking over my life the symptoms are so awful and no one around me understood how severe they was please go and see your gp for some help and advice he may suggest meds to you but thats not a bad thing try to go asap i left mine until i couldnt go out and have only just started picking myself up dont be affraid to ask for help you wont be the only one your gp has spoken to and keep blogging people are here to help you big hugs xxxxxx


Hi, I suffer in the exact same way as you. I've been diagnosed with a Panic Disorder and Social Anxiety. I'm nearly 18 and feel like my days are being taken over by my anxiety. I recently had to give up 6th form and work from home because the physical symptoms I was having was just too much to deal with! (dizzyness, disorientation, sickness, IB, palputations, etc.) I've also gone from seeing my bestfriend everyday to barley once a month and I feel terrible. Just don't feel myself! :( I've been having CBT and counselling since Oct 2012 and find it has helped to talk to someone, however not made a huge differerence. I'm told it takes time and to be patient, but it's so hard! I started with anxiety over 2yrs ago and really wished I would have gone to tell my GP before it got this bad. When I eventually found the confidence to go to a GP I almost had to demand to be referred as sometimes they just don't understand or listen as most do not specialise in this area. Good luck, and try not to worry!! :) xxxxx


Hi Astrid, my names jay, i have suffered with anxiety disorder for 18 years. Id be happy to try and give you as much advice as possible.

C.B.T didn't work for me because it deals with the thoughts first, that then lead to anxiety-panic. For me at least it has always been the psychical symptoms that come first.

I know a few technics to help, so you can ask me.

peace sister.


hi astrid, i really feel for you, c.b.t is not the cure for you at the moment. go see your G.P and ask for a double appointment to be able to have a good talk with him/her. your G.P will give you advice on medication that may take the edge of your feelings at the moment , but its not a cure. ask for a referal to a specialist to deal with your problems , getting to the root of the problem is half the battle , then working with you , and therapy will help calm you. you are not alone with this astrid , we all care ...


Hi Astrid,

First things first: go see your doctor. Explain what's been going on for you and see if your problems are being caused by anything physical. Talk about medication if needs be.

Secondly, if it has been determined that your problems are psychological in nature, see a therapist.


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