Extreme anxiety! Help please

Hi there my name is leon and I'm 25 years old. Have never been on any form of sites and thought I will give it ago.

I suffer with extreme anxiety to a point where it has taken control of my life and I have lost everything! It has nearly taken me a few time as I just can't cope with it no more. My life is like tourture, feeling trapped in my own head with no escape or help.

I have wild episodes of anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis! Always feeling lightheaded feel very sick to a point I have gotten a agrophobia of being sick and can't eat because of it. I have lost 3 stone because I can't eat

My heart is constantly racing and fluttering even when I'm relaxed and calm. My body trembles, horrible sweats, uncontrollable thoughts, flushes, tense muscles, very bad chest pains etc I could go on. I am on so much medication but yet I'm still frantic and I'm at at stage where I feel there no coming back. I'm scared!

I suffer with insomnia so can't sleep, can't go out my house or any where public. I have done loads of therapy etc and hasn't helped at all. Is there anyone on here who can relate and maybe help me through hell!

I feel like I'm losing control of my own mind at times and I'm obsessed with my heart or thinking I'm dieing. I have suffer all my life with depression and anxiety but the older I get the worse it gets.


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  • This sounds so much like me. Meditation has helped me alot although Im not 100% better. I am finally able to go out and I also have a new job, though stresses from work make me fear I'll revert back to the way I used to be. Its an everyday fight.

  • What medication are you on if you don't mind me asking?

  • Lorazepam and Paroxetine. I'm trying to slowly wean myself off of the antidepressant.

  • I haven't tried them, antidepressant are horrible! I'm on mittazapine atm have joust been upped to 45mg and on higher dose of pregablin. Along with atenalol, zopiclone and diazepam! Enough to Nock out a horse!!

  • I was like this a year ago and i think being outside (even if its cold) and enjoying nature has helped me to center myself more.

    You have to sit with that anxiety till it doesn't scare you anymore. Your mind has triggered flight or flight and your body is in anxiety mode.

    Get that energy out through exercise or yoga.

  • I have a fear of diying from a heart attack or being sick in public. I sopose that's why I'm so worried to go out I'm like a trapped animal!

  • Being scared of things that may happen and worrying about the "what if's" is what fuels your anxiety. You don't carry around an umbrella all the time because it may rain someday. Just worry about today, the present moment. Anxiety thrives in thoughts of the past and future.

  • Funny enough that was what my Cbt therapy told me and I took it in but when u get these feelings and pain etc I just can't tell my self to say look it's anxiety deal with it. There's always what if I'm my mind. And I can't shake it of

  • It's the most counter intuitive thing, and it's crazy hard to do. But, it's the only way to beat anxiety. You stop fighting it. You don't tell yourself anything, you just accept it and live. Exercise and eat right, and get some sleep. The exercise helps with the latter. Those help too. Quit fighting it and you quit fueling it. Don't expect to see improvement immediately either. It takes a while for your body to come down from the chemicals. Takes time.

  • I am also same feeling like u. I am now at 29 yrs old. Last 8 months, I was hospitalized bcoz I had palpitations and shortness of breath. From that time, I have health anxiety and my life changes. Plz share our feeling together,ok? Hope we will better soon.

  • Hi there when you say health anxiety what do you mean as I am the same. My anxiety causes me massive chest pains and shortness of breath and fast heart rate that always flutters etc how did u get on at hospital ?

  • I was hospitalized because of papitation and shortness of breath. From that time I am not feeling well yet especially my mind. My doctor said I have health anxiety that makes me worse.

  • My god that's sounds bad! What you In hospital for long?

  • Recover doesnt happen over night so you have to be kind to yourself. :)

  • I have literally tried everything, I actuall went to see my mate today and turned really funny. We went for a dog walk and I just went so weak and dizzy felt like I was going to collapse and loose it.

    I have tried nearly every medication and its come to a point where it dosent work and is unbearable.

    What meds are you on hippielife?

    I just can't seem to grasp my heart rate! It's at 80-90 rearing and house up to 140 year I'm on the highest dose of betablockers.

    I've gotten to a stage where I feel so scared and frightened if I loose my mined. I'm not mentall lol but I just can't cope.

    Lost my job as it was physically and mentally killing me felt like a wild animal trapped in a cage. Vision going dark and blurry. Very dizzy and sick, trembling found it hard to work! Lost my missis because of my anxiety, then lost my mom.

  • Aw Leon my heart goes out I lost my job I'm a mirror image of what ur saying lost my house it's so hard to go out cos wen we do u feel as tho I'll collaps and I depending doom so rush back home I have disrealisation as well discounted from world feeling which I hate the most my chest constantly hurts I have every symptom we need to fight this ask to see a physicitrist sorry if that misspeaks x I'm under one it help understand ur illness they say don't fight these feeling to accept it's happening the mind is very clever playing tricks on us if we live to accept we should get better I'm trying this but it's really hard.....

  • Thank you, I also feel as though I'm discounted from the world. I don't feel human at times. And it scares the life out of me! As for the chest pain I can't tell my self even though I've had it for over 6 years that it's anxiety! How, why? So many questions that the answers I get I can't accept.

    I went to see a phycotrist last week and put me on quiteapine anti phycotic and I lost my head. I nearly took my life Saturday the anger and feelings over took me. I'm like a roller coaster that never stops. I've done counclimg Cbt and no help. To me talking to someone about how I feel is like trying to teach someone to suck eggs lol

    What makes you cope or feel better?

  • I'm finding it hard too I have counciling meds and I try to accept the weird feelings ng I get but it's really hard. Ino what you mean trying to explain to someone that's not gone through it it hard but don't take ur own life u have 3.beautifull kids that need there daddy and without u they will be so upset like u with ur mum u can get better with the right help it's just reaching out you need to tell ur Doc ur suicidal they may but on in hospital but I'll get the best help there.

  • I have actually thought about putting myself in hospital to come of my meds and be put on the right ones etc but I'm to scared to as I no people who have done that and they never came out the same. They lost there mind etc. I see my doctor every 2 weeks and I tell him I'm sucidal but it's become so normal that they seem to think o it's ok take these pills and y'all be better! I'm on 7 doffent meds! I'm ashamed of it I'm only 25

  • Listen you shouldn't be ashamed it's not ur fault we didn't choose to wake up this way. Go to hospital and tell them uv tried taking ur own life they will listen I did same thing but had to choose to go no home due to my kids but if I was u go in and ull be fine everyone's different take that first step towards ur new life.

  • I actuall went to the hospital last year. I was standing ontop of a bridge braking down I just wanted to jump but something was stoppingme and as I went to go through with it a little boy approached me on his bike and asked if I was ok. I just remember looking into his eyes and seeing the reflection of my kids. So I went to hospital and told them what I just tried to do. He put me in a room and gave me diazepam soon as I calmed down he sent me home! It's as if no one takes me seriously

  • Aw ino but u need to keep on at them and keep going back it's easier for them to push u away try anxiety chat lines talking to someone may help see ur ment to still be here or else that little boy wouldn't have turned up keep strong and fight x

  • Thank you I will try. I do t no where to look for anxiety forms etc. I come by this site on google and I'm happy I found it I'm seeing my doctor next week and I'm gonna have strong words with him x

  • Yes keep that strength up and fight and this forum helps cos we're all the same and your not judged at all on here good look with the Doc.

  • Hi your not alone I've been like this for a year and I've been suicidal so many times ino it's hard I'm 27 not fair on us I feel trapped in my own mind to don't give up have reiki been told it's good for anxiety in gonna give it ago have u tried at last a life book David Paul's really good helps you understand our illness I carnt stress enough don't let this beat u you have all us to support u wen ur down I no it's easy for me to say have you got family support because that really helps hope this help u will get better just hang in there x

  • Thank you I will look that book up. I have been trying all my life to accept it and get on with it but I can't. I don't have no support at all. I have 3 kids who are keeping me alive they live with there mom as she kicked me out because of my anxiety and now I only see them on weekend which kills me! I live with my dad but his mentally ill to so we don't talk use to talk to him through my mom if that makes sence but she has gone now. In a horrific way!

    I actually found her and it has really disturbed me as she was in a bad way! I can't grieve because of my medication and when I try I brake down and can't deal with it ! X

  • Aw I'm so sorry Leon you need anxiety groups were you go and ppl talk that are the same as u it helps a little imsorry about ur mum that really sad you need to go through the grieving process maybe talk to ur Doc about changing ur meds and sorry to here about ur dad and as for ur kids make it ur strength for ur kids to fight through this ino it's easier sad than done I've got 2 kids and they've kept me from being in that dark place it's so hard but our kids need us.

  • I have spoken with my doctor and tried different meds etc some make me worse others helped bit very bad side effect. I've never really spoken or been on any site to seek help etc I do stay strong for my kids but it hurts me when I see them and can't give them what they want as my anxiety stops me from living a normal life. They recently changed my meds last week and I just turned really funny. It scared the life out of me

  • Well your not going insane as ur aware of how your feeling uv had a lot to deal with and for most of us to much it's ur body's way of protecting u and losing ur mum ur dad not being well splitting for your kids mum and feeling a failure to ur kids that a lot for 1 person to deal with let alone 10 I feel the same as u but I'm not letting this beat me iv lost a lot but I'm determined to get my life back.

  • I actuall envy people who live life with no anxiety or issues, I wish I could think like that I did at one point but I don't no why I have become so mentally weak! I actuall met this bueatyfull lady when I went to hospital with a major panic attack and we have got talking but my anxiety won't let me meet her as I fear I'll freak out and have a major panic attack or make a fool of myself. I hate how it stops me from enjoying life

  • I'm not always this positive I'm up and down I have really bad days no good days just bareable maybe meeting someone else will help u move on and this girl maybe your saviour my anxiety is my head mainly detachment and not real feeling I carnt cope with that but try meet this girl if you have a panic attack what's the worse that can happen you have had loads in past and survived x

  • I honsley reckon meeting this girl will some how save me and make me overcome my issues. I have told her about my anxiety and she is really understanding etc but I haven't told her how bad it actuall is! I don't no anyone who suffer with these issues as I would love to meet people who do to help me realise I'm not alone and overcome my life in hell!

    I feel as though I've done my time in hell now I want to go to heaven!

  • I feel the same way and the only way to move on is make changes if this girl understands then she will help u and u need support and I think she will get you through this you can only try I tried taking my own life so many times and still sometimes feel that way but get ur doctor to refere you to a group therapy for ppl like us it will help.

  • Thank you I'm am going to force myself to meet up with her next week, it's kind of a funny story how I met her, I went to hospital with really bad chest pains and was in the waiting room full of people freaking out uncontrollably and then I saw her and I had this wierd feeling. She looked so sweet and calm it actuall made me feel calm lol. I wanted to approach her but my anxiety would not let me and when I went to she got called in πŸ˜”

    I herd her name called and she was on my mind for week, until I told my mate the story and then he said I no her lol sounds daft really but it felt like a sign lol

  • See your not alone you have so many ppl that care and understand you on here keep strong and this girl has come in your life for a reason go for it good look and if u need to talk I'm here anytime x

  • Hey I'm Rachel 26 . sorry for jumping on your post but I totally relate with everything I'm just like you my life is hell and I hate it .. I can't go out on my own and I definitely can't sit with myself I scare myself that much .. that I just don't feel human I feel different I am very vulnerable inside but I'm strong on the outside .. I lost my mum young and my dad took his life i haven't grieve and that was when I was 16 .. my emotions I can't deal with to the point I selfharm and become aggressive as I'm so scared of letting people in I've done counselling cbt and been on that much medication I've took myself of it as the side effects are bad I was on 1,500 mg a day .. I recently just had my son taken out my care cos of my mental health no 1 will help me .. I'm just me on my own luckily my partner support me but if he wasn't here there be no1 and no point me breathing .. all doctors do is give me meds that's it .. I seen a physictrist threw court .. and he says I need help but yet I can't get it I was diagnosis with emotional unstable personality disorder .. with anxiety disorder and agoraphobic it's a nightmare even p.I.p wouldn't help mental health just gets threw under a table .. I wish I could help you but I can't even help myself i just want you to knoe ur not alone I try but no point if I can't get the proper treatment .. xx

  • Ho there I feel your pain life is to hard at times and where in the same boat! Mental health care out there is discutsing! There just no help sometimes. If u ever want to talk drop me a inbox x

  • Thank you same goes if you just need a friend .. xx

  • Leon,

    It's a pleasure to have you here with this loving community. Let me start off by saying how brave you are in living with (no suffering from) anxiety. We all have been through a lot and as you can see you are not alone. Just finding this community I know will help you tremendously.

    So... you think you're going crazy.... you think you're going to die... You think you're never going to get better... Sound about right? Well I am here to let you know that I have gone through each and every one of those things you are afraid of and there is light and peace and joy and hope at the end of the tunnel.

    The whole crazy thing... Everyone is afraid of this, but there is one thing my therapist has told me is that those that are going mentally ill or "crazy" dont know it or think they are totally normal. So the act you are aware of everything around you proves to me that you are not going crazy. You say you feel that you are trapped, when in reality you're not trapped your just lost and need to be guided back. You're afraid because of the lack of control you think you don't have. but if you think about it you dont have any control and that in itself is liberating. The more you realize the more you will see that those thoughts that you cant stop thinking will go away on there own. We are programmed to continue to find something else that entertains us or gets our attention, which is why mindfulness and this practice is so great for us.

    So you think you are going to die? Anxiety is a trickster. I am not discounting what you feel isnt real.. because it is, but is it really as life threatening you think it is? Quick answer is...NO! you're body is a work of art, God knew what he was doing when he created us. Its a grerat machine and a machine that is always trying to help you stay alive. So unless you are intentionally doing something bad to your body (drugs, alchool, bad foods etc) then your body and all of its organs will not quit on you.

    I used to be afraid of every little sensation, and dont get me wrong sometimes I will get a heart flutter and it will make jump a bi, butI know its my anxiety or indigestion or just me that made it do that. I look at these symptoms now (after getting throughly checked out by my doctor) as my body telling me that everything is OK and doing things to make sure that it is doing everything it needs to make sure it is working properly.

    Accept that you have anxiety... recognize that its there and don't fight the feeling. eventually your brain and your body will naturally get rid of it.

    Lastly, have hope. hope is the only thing that will get you to the next day. My hope is with God and Jesus and knowing that they are always watching over me. To be honest I thank God for giving me anxiety because now I know that I can control it and move on with my life. I use my testimony to help others, show them hope and show them that having a relationship with God is amazing.

    What am I saying... Pray... Laugh... Hope... You had a life before all this happened, and if you had it before you can have it again. I hope this helped and if you need anything WE are all here for you. God is with you too..always



  • Hi Leon!😊I first want to say , I'm praying right now that whatever has hold of these thoughts that keep you in this prison if he'll would break free and let you feel completely normal , you are going to have to take baby steps to feel better. Have a good friend or family member help you get over an obstical i d at a time and make yourself do something you would normally enjoy. Like going to drive and look at Christmas lights. Anything. See your doc and take your meds. Keep in touch

  • Thank you you have words have touched me, I tried to pray to a point where I was begging and had no relief. I would love my life back! X

  • Thus will pass at some point , I want to know you are not going to pass up Christmas without enjoying yourself and being with people who make you happy . I have spent the last 7 days crying and flipping out because I had to have a breast MRI and made me and my family and friends nuts, I can't tell you how many times I called for results and yesterday , they finally came in and all is good , and my husband tried telling me how I spent 7 days depressed and overthinking things. But was he was so happy I was ok, he wished I didn't spend all that time so anxious, it's hard to get out if a slump but you need to do it. Keep up with meds that you are comfortable taking and keep talking with your doc , enjoy your children , I think you mentioned you have kids, well they definitely need you and you need them. Let's keep in touch let me know how you are progressing 😊

  • Hi there, I'm happy for you that you had good results πŸ‘ Must have been hard waiting for them I had the same kinda thing waiting on cancer tests etc it's not nice. Constant worrie and frustration. I do hope I can make it past Xmas but I don't think I can! It's like I've hit a wall mentally and can't get over it.

  • I'm sorry it took so long to get back on this site . I just saw your post and praying your feeling some relief with your anxiety , you said you don't think you can make it past Christmas? Please think of your family and all that love you, I know this stuff can consume you , but you have to start thinking of all the good in your life and maybe even make a list of everything that makes you feel the way you feel and one by one eliminate it out of your life or a way to manage it so it won't bother you. I do this and sometimes for me , it takes a doc appt. which I need to stop doing. I hope and know you can do this

  • I always find that a doc oppointmemt Makes me feel better but there sick of seeing me lol. I feel a little better today. Passed my car test with no minors and went and brought myself a little van so hopefully having the freedom of escaping will make me feel a little better. How are you?

  • I understand how you feel. When I was 23 I had some traumatic events introduce me to panic attacks. I had lost over 90 pounds, couldn't eat or sleep and knew every ER in a 50 mile radius. I have to say that it got so bad that I finally decided I was ready to die! I couldn't do it anymore. I went to a hospital for inpatient treatment laid on the bed and let them give me any all medicine they wanted too. Amazingly on the 3rd day I woke up and got out of the bed. I immediatly started eating and gained 60 pounds in one month. I was so happy I got my life back. It has been over 20 years and most have been panic free, until now. I started about 6 months ago. I keep thinking I had to give up on the the thing I was most afraid of, death. It's like I'm trying so hard to control something I have no control over, wether the doctor misses the diagnosis, or because I failed to act when I should. The end result is the same, I can't control the outcome or the time. I need to work on this now but so far unable to make progress. I hope you find the answer you need soon, because nobody should go through what you are going through.

  • Hi teering3 I'm sorry to hear that your problems have come back again. I no how it feels to no exactly where hospitals are and how to get there etc I'm obsessed with thinking I'm diying or something as I don't won't to die in a painful way! It scares the life out of me on a daily basis. Are you getting any help for it now?

  • Not at the moment, this is all to new. I just got over the flu on Wednesday and it seemed to kick my anxiety and obsession over how I'm feeling and why am I feeling it, into overdrive. During one of my recent trips to th ER last week the found a nodule on my adrenal gland, and said that could fueling my anxiety. I have an appointment with an endocrinologist on the 15th. How are you feeling? I woke up after going to sleep around 10 at 1:30 so I'm trying to not get anxious so I can go back to sleep. I have to get up at 5 as it is.

  • I hope all goes well at you hospital oppointmemt I have had that done to me tube down my throat and one down my nose! I do find when j have flu or cold it trigger my anxiety of very bad to a point I struggle to cope! I'm still struggling! Finding it so hard.... How are you?

  • Me too leon. Thing is anxiety is all in the head I've suffered for 7 months. Slowly it going but have good days and bad days just remember anxiety is not real but the symptoms are if you believe in them enough if that makes sense. When I feel an attack coming on I think to myself I've been through this before just ride it out keep busy and it will go

  • Thanks Matt I do always reassure my self it's just a attack and I've had so many before but just can't seem to get it into my head. Always a what if! Drives me mad at times. I get crippling chest pains and back pains at times and freaks me out. I have been diagnosed with serfier anxiety. Had it for over 7 years now and never seem to find relief. How are you coping with your anxiety?

  • Leon. I'm a 25yo male too. And your words are exactly how I feel!! We need to chat...

  • Inbox me anytime you want mate. I'll be more than happy to talk with you πŸ‘

  • Hi, Leon. I'm sure you realise now---if you didn't before--- that many many men and women are going through exactly the same as you. You are not odd or strangely unique. You are just another sensitive human being whose experiences and circumstances have affected you badly.There are thousands of others who are just like you. We are not professionals here but we do know a lot about what helps and what doesn't. I'm glad you found us as you will always be able to let out here all the feelings which hurt you. That in itself is a kind of therapy. Remember that professionals may mean well but they have not gone through the torture themselves. We have--and are still doing so in many cases. Keep talking to us. It will help you.

    It has helped me enormously. My thoughts are with you tonight. Myra.

  • I do feel for you .... it's very difficult - here are some suggestions for you to explore in addition to seeing your GP :

    Mindfulness / meditation, acupuncture, Tai Chi, yoga

    Furthering a relaxing hobby - arts work/ photography

    Just some possible idea Leon

  • Hello Leon 1991 I listened to a very interesting interview on the radio about a lady who has developed her diary into a blog and now an online support hub for people like us It's called "blurt it out " I have spent a long time reading what is on there it's interesting and reassuring ,there is also a directory of organisations that can help you I went on a Minds Matters course about anxiety and many of the videos they showed us are freely available on YouTube

    One thing that helps me is to breathe in very slowly whilst saying (again very slowly )"". No...body...Ever ...died ...of ....a....panic......attack "" Then breathout very slowly and say it again

    All the very best ..........You are never alone on this site

  • Thank you I will look into that as I wanted to do go to meetings and read up about it. I actuall do breathing exercises but I tell my self. My body...... My mind..... My body... My mind lol not that it helps πŸ˜‚ But in a way it does x

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