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I panicked but survived

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So I had a dentist appointment today. I had been avoiding dentists all together due to a bad experience but decided I’d go out of my way and dare through it. So I sat in the chair for over an hour and a half. My heart tried to race but in my mind I had decided I would stay there no matter what. I feel worse at home by myself with no one to help every day... So i made it and can’t wait to do something out of the ordinary tomorrow. I won’t let anxiety or my health conditions win. My mother used to always point out the adorable elderly ladies at the airport with their oxygen tanks without a care in the world, just ready to enjoy their time left!

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Fantastic!! You've found a method to deal with your anxiety and win!!! If you keep trying things out, don't quit just because it doesn't work in 1 place or 1 experience. You will win again on the next try or the next because you've established a winning pattern already. Technically, it's called desensitization. and it DEFINITELY works.Hugs, Love, and Blessings...

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Thanks Bonnie! I was agoraphobic for 6 months in 2017 and I overcame it by taking little steps daily. I would put myself in the most uncomfortable situations & hated every minute of it but it paid off. Fast forward to now I’m going through some health issues and found myself in bed for most of the day again except when my babies are home from school . My son asked me why I’m never happy and that motivated me to get my butt back out there!! I’m fighting this with all my might!!

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Good job again!! I did the same with my fear of speaking out in even small groups.

Desensitization has helped me very much with that. You are amazing at what you've accomplished. Do you see a doctor and are you on any meds for your anxiety and depression?

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Julie_z in reply to BonnieSue

Thanks. That’s one thing I need to try getting over (social anxiety). I do not take meds not even ibuprofen. I don’t believe in any of them only antibiotics. I also don’t see psychologists. I did for a few weeks last year and realized that I’m the only one who can help myself. What’s your story?

Good for you! I had a doctor appointment today and my anxiety was high beforehand but I knew I was going no matter what. It’s hard but you can’t let anxiety win. You have to be the master of anxiety - you can’t let it be the master of you.

Kudos to you also! It’s definitely not easy but that’s what makes us feel better afterwards.

Thanks. And you’re 100% right.

Awesome, congratulations.

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