I think I need meds but don't want antidepressants

Hi out there, first time doing anything like this so little nervous but want to talk to people who truly understand. I've got a history of anxiety and depression had it since 7 years old now best part of 20 yrs later dealt with depression really well but still every now and again for no reason I get the rushing feeling of dread, feeling sick, needing toilet etc so that wud be the anxiety. Now I am terrible at remembering tablets and like I said the anxiety really only happens once in a blue moon but I really struggle with it. Does anyone know if you can get something to take just as and when u need it?


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  • im on venafaxine which was for depression and it worked untill last weekend when i woke up with panic attacks. im going to the doctor friday see if i can get anything to ease anxiety

  • Hi jsp, can I ask how long you been taking venlafaxine for and the dose, as I have just started that. on a 37.5. and doing nothing at mo.



  • hi ive been on it for a few years now..it seemed to help untill this last week. im thinking maybe because its more for depression maybe its not as effective as something intended for anxiety? not sure thats just my thinking

  • Hi welcome to the site, yes you could see your GP, explain what you have said here to him, and he will give you something you can use, just when you need it, there are many things you can have . Some people use diazepam, here and there, just at times when needed.



  • Thank u bonnie that's put my mind at rest. Was getting bit worked up thinking the doc was going to insist I go on constant meds. But now I know u can take something just as and when that really helps. Thank u again. X

  • Hi & Welcome

    Sorry you are suffering & have been for so long

    There are Herbal things that some members have tried which say they have helped

    But have you been & seen your GP , explain all this & that you just feel you want something to take when & if you need it , if you have a good GP they should listen & with all the meds out there , I would imagine there would be something

    Maybe you have already asked & git no help , if so see another GP in the surgery that is more understanding

    Keep talking on here , you will get lots of support & no you are not alone in how you feel can help




  • Hi I can't really help with your query I just wanted to say hi and welcome to the site.

    Bev x

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