I dont know what else to do, but cry

My anxiety has been creeping up this week.  Today, I went to the grocery store and as I was standing in line to get checked out, It took everything I had in me to stand there.  I felt like leaving the shopping cart with everything in it and running out the store.   So, I was unable to finish doing all I wanted to get done today because my anxiety is elevated too much.  I think maybe it is because I am supposed to start my period in a couple of days, so my hormones are contributing to my irrational emtional unstability.  I have bouts of breathlessness, like I am not getting enough air.  I have to consciously take a deep breath.  Then the insidous heart palpatations.  I hate them.  I automatically think, its my end.  Thank you everybody for listening and understanding.  I hope your day is better than mine...


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  • Hey just take it easy 😊 I'm sorry to hear about what you went through and it is probably your hormones however just think positive and focus on what you're doing not the anxiety or anything else 

  • I always feel worse palpations and anxiety close to my period. 

  • I completely understand! I have had this annoying anxiety a full week now and I havent been abe to do anything about it! I used to have it real bad 10 years ago and I thought i'd gotten over it but alas it has returned! I NEVER wanted to be back here,i just hope in time it will chill out. Ive been drinking chamomile tea round the clock, barely eating, taking medication (stron sleeping tablets that seem to only give me 3 hours!) if im not better in a day or two then i dont know what to do!

  • You just reminded me of chamomile tea!  I was thinking about making it earlier this week but forgot about it because I am also having trouble focusing.  Its like my mind is everywhere.  Thanks ☺

  • I drink it its really good before bed x

  • I recently bought some chamomile tea to drink at bedtime. Does it really help with anxiety? Foolishly, I looked up possible side effects, and now I'm scared to drink it (just part of the madness of having panic disorder).

  • Same for me

  • Hi panicnomore,  I wonder if you have ever heard of a "worry stone".  It's a beautifully polished stone in the shape of a heart with a deep indentation where you can rub your thumb up and down.  I use to carry that with me in my pocket or purse and when I was nervous I would start to rub the stone.  There is some kind of a connection in breaking that thought process of fear.  I also have a "stress card" the size of a credit card, you place your thumb on that for a few seconds and it turns colors as to what your stress level is. Lastly, I also have a small stress thermometer, you place your thumb on the bottom bulb and try by deep breathing to bring the temperatuve of the thermometer up.  The higher the mercury increases, the calmer you are.  It's a form of biofeedback.  These all all excellent ways to decrease the stress hormone.  x

  • Hi Agora1,  yes, I have heard of the "worry stone".  I will keep that in mind in getting one in the future.  Although, I have not seen or heard of the other two you mentioned.  It sounds interesting though.  Thanks for the suggestions.  I appreciate it.

  • Hi dear, the other two were given by therapists.  

  • Hi panicnomore, just saw a variety of worry stones on Amazon.com  Whatever works right?    The deep breathing is still my best go to.  xx

  • Where can I buy a worry stone?

  • Hi Gloria66, they carry worry stones on Amazon. I have had mine for many years. It is smooth, cool to the touch and has a little indent allowing your thumb to rub it back and forth. It really is just another way to put your mind on something else. Amazon also has stones with Affirmations on it. I also just recently bought a thick band ring that has the whole Serenity Prayer on it. When going to the doctor or dentist, while waiting, I take the ring off and read the inscription. There are so many ways we can distract ourselves when anxious. x

  • Thank you. I'm really interested in anything that may help. I'm constantly rubbing my fingers together, so sounds like this might help! Getting out the credit card.


  • I always feel this way always.....BUT just before my period I get it alot worse!  Awful way to live! But no1 understands unless they have it cx

  • Grocery lines are the worst! Lol I pray for you to feel better, and you will.

  • I was prescribed Klonopin 0.5 has anyone used it and does it really help with anxiety

  • I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I hope everything gets better for you soon. Think good thoughts. 🌹🙂

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