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I suffer from depression and anxiety


I've known I've had depression for some time now, but have tried to avoid having it confirmed by a doctor. On Thursday I had a panic attack at work, went to the doctor straight after as I was shocked by what had happened, and promptly got prescribed some anti-depressants. I spent the rest of the day trying to sleep and rest. The attack had clearly scared my boss too, and we decided I should quit for health reasons. As I am a temp either party can end the contract at any time. Effectively I had been sacked. This has hit me like a sledgehammer on the head.

Without job or money, and worried about further reactions like this, it's created greater anxiety in me since yesterday. 60% of me wants to hide under my duvet for the rest of my life, or at least contemplate doing so whilst sitting on my bed. The other 40% is telling me to get up, get out, and start helping myself.

I decided not to take another anti-depressant today, and have invested in some good running shoes so I can run to boost my mood and help me work out my issues. My head is such a mess I just don't know what to do. Have I made progress? I feel as though my life became a lot worse on losing my job. But, knowing and admitting that I suffer from depression and anxiety is the first step to helping me defeat it.

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Hi there and Well done and good for you, I hope everything works out,

Love Cookie

Hi, well done you made the biggest step by admitting that you have got depression and anxiety hope things work out for you. I suffer from them both too so if you want to chat feel free to message me. xx

Hi Cookie and Littlesofty, it means a lot that there are supportive people out there that know what I am going through. It has been hard for me as I thought it was going away, and I've realised that it is still here and I will have to face up to it. I've just been for a run and feel a lot better, so hope to keep that up. Thanks for the support.

Hi, just read ur wee blog and yes your like me at the minute not having a good time. As much as it is a struggle to actually get up and face life it is better. Everyday when I get up my first thought is should I just stay in bed but I've kids so this isn't an option about an hour after getting up my mood does lift a bit and I feel like doing things. I used to be do confident and outgoing lots of friends and busy social life but now I like pjs and tv at night - how life can change its a vicious circle. Hope ur feeling better xo

Ps - u,ve made progress well done :))

nena in reply to MissyK

Thanks MissyK, you are absolutely right - once I got out of bed I felt a million times better. Its just the getting up in the morning is hard work. I have no kids, no partner, and so getting up is really a struggle. I did have a cat, and not having to get up to feed him now is also a bit depressing since he died a couple of months ago :(

I saw lots of friends last week, and this weekend has been a quiet one. It has definitely made me feel low without company. Having no money doesn't help either. There is only one way to go for both of us though - we just have to get through the bad times and look ahead. I like to think there is something magical and exciting waiting for me at the end of this journey. And I am sure you will find that too. x

Hi Nena,

well done! This is the right route to get out of depression. Endorphin is a natural anti-depressant and our body does produce it also when we make love!

I wish to give you some tips about other useful things do to:

listen some music ... “eye of the tiger” is the best for me;

go out and meet friends;

see only funny TV programs;

eat fish otherwise take fish oil with Omega 3;

do something new that might help you to change your view;

wake up early;

meet other depressed people face to face

there are lots of books about depression and anxiety. Some are really useful!

About your job .... think about the fact that you can still have a chat with your ex-boss and, maybe, have a part-time offer. It does not cost a penny to try.

You are the best!


Motto: in your life everything flows: the worst is over and the best must still come.

nena in reply to grucio

Hi Grucio,

I found this really inspiring. I have always disliked the idea of taking pills long term, and I haven't really tried boosting my mood naturally. I know running and other exercise is great for it, but being a lazy bones have tried to put it off. I went for my first run yesterday - loved it - going back to do another one tomorrow! I love your other tips too - they are just what I need. I'm thinking of writing a big list and putting it up on my wall so that I can see it when I wake up (early) in the morning.

I feel all full of beans at the moment, but I know mornings will be a struggle. I have also started writing a diary so that I can track my mood a bit more, and have space to put in positive stuff. I think writing these blogs have helped me. I especially like the way you have informed me "You are the best!" - this is undoubtedly true. I just wish I knew it every day. And ditto to you of course!

Much love xxx


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