Nervous and panicked

I hav'nt been on in a while , but having issues that's causing terrible panic and anxiety. I had blood in my stool that the doctor seems to think is due to internal hemmroids . Ok, well yesterday I was peeing with bright red blood and at 3:00 am it looked clear . I am at the express clinic now as it is Sunday and doctor urologists are not open , I'm freaking out. Please help


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  • Hi Lynl, are you back from the Express Clinic? I would assume they did a urine sample. Let us know how you made out. We care x

  • Hi yes I'm back, and they did a urine dip and this time I didn't see blood but the dip test showed a good amount of blood with some white blood cells , they gave me antibiotics and I have a urology appt tomorrow at 3:00, I'm very scared they might say bladder cancer if the urine isn't an infection. So please say a prayer , I'm hoping it's an infection and don't need a bunch of test like I had two years ago, but I have never peed red blood like yesterday, ugh!

  • Let me know Lynl after you get back from the doctors tomorrow. I will say a prayer for you. Will keep you in my thoughts tomorrow. Stay strong, be positive.

  • I will and Thank You

  • Hi lyn1 you could have water infection plus haemariods at the same time.I used to have very bad water infections I know take half antibiotic at bedtime to keep them at far not had for bleeding in stool had this last year and worried myself sick over it.then had to have camera up backside and it was internal haemariods so try not to worry yourself to much it can soon be sorted out ,and drink plenty of water.

  • Thank you , glad you are doing good . And yes I'm drinking water , I normally only drink water anyway

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