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I had my 1st shift in work and survived! (Only just)

Last night I had my first shift and wow it was hard! They got their money's worth! I enjoyed in a way because I had no time to think, but towards the end of the shift I did have a funny turn (I kept it to myself). I got in later than expected and didn't sleep until gone 1am. Then up with the children from 7ish. TIRED. I did sleep without a sleeping pill too which is good :-)

Don't quite know how I'll manage but I think I'll stick with it. If it's too much then I'll see about more day shifts. If that's not possible, I'll look for something else.

Have a good day all xxxxx

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Hi Loo

Well done :)

You made me laugh they got their monies worth :D

I am really pleased for you & thats a good attitude , take it a day at a time & see how it goes

Maybe & I no it is a maybe , you will be able to grab an hour later

Keep letting us no how it goes :)





My gosh whywhy the work is unbelievable! But I think I need it.

I'm hoping to take the girls swimming then come back and have a nap (if they let) ;-)

How are you today? Xx


O loo :)

See how you go , dont forget to look after you will you :)

Not to bad thank you , have to go out , so thats an ordeal as i dont like leaving the house , but I will do it :)

Yes try & get that nap , I think you will need it :-/



Oh good luck! You will be fine :-)

I've just cancelled guests for this afternoon. My head is too tired for guests.

Hope it goes well for you xx


Sending you big hugs LooLoo.






Thank you very much bonnie :-)

Hope your well xx


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