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Development of tolerance to Pramipexole as treatment for Anxiety/Depression?


I am a 4 decade veteran of increasingly debilitating anxiety culminating in agoraphobia that confines me to my home. I also suffer from depression secondary to the situation I find myself in. I am well overdue for a hip replacement but the pain is no match for my anxiety about being away from home. My latest psychiatrist placed me on pramipexole (Sifrol) in addition to my benzo's. I have been around the block with ssri's snri's, tricyclics etc etc without any success. Sifrol turned a switch on in my brain that had been off for a very long time and I had a new boldness. Initial dose of 1.5 per day was reduced due to side effects and unfortunately efficacy also subsided. Upon restoring dose to 1.5 none of the tremendous benefits have returned. I have been on Sifrol for a total of 8 months. Has anyone else tried this medication and if so what has your experience been and have you developed tolerance to it?

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