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I feel like im going to swallow my tongue and my neck feels really tight around throats area also my toungue feels like it's swollen and when I swallow food it's really hard and I am scared also I feel like I can't breath


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  • Liam240298, I am in just about the same position you are right now except I'm not afraid. My neck and throat are super tight as well as my whole head tight and filled with pressure. My tongue feels weird as well.

    Now what we need to both due is to Accept this is not dangerous, it is anxiety caused. Our muscles are so tight that it is squeezing down on our face, neck and throat. It feels as if you can't take that deep breathe for the same reason. The tight muscles around the diaphragm. Let's get some water and start by sipping some to lubricate the throat and mouth due to the mouth breathing we are doing. Find a comfortable chair or couch, place a pillow behind the small of your back. Make sure room is dimly lit. Have both feet planted on the floor. Hands place on your upper legs. Close your eyes and lets start taking in a deep belly breathe, hold it for 4-5 counts and deeply exhale slowly. As you repeat this you will feel your shoulders relax and the muscles in your neck and throat as well.

    If you have a tape or CD of relaxation you can listen to, all the better. Let's sit still on the couch while breathing, Whenever a negative thought appears, push it to the side and go back to thinking pleasant thoughts. Nothing exciting or stimulating..just calm collected positive thoughts.

    Breathe Liam, breathe slowly. Do not force your breath it will come automatically as your mind and body start to relax.

    If after 10-15 min you feel you need more help, go to YouTube type in Audio Relaxation/Deep breathing and listen to that visionary for another 10 min.

    I guarantee you will start feeling relaxed as well as a little sleepy. Don't fight it, accept..

  • I'm new to anxiety and I'm scared if I stop breathing and stuff

  • Liam,,don't be afraid. It only makes the muscles tighter. The tightness

    is NOT coming from the lungs but from the upper part of the stomach (diaphragm). Breathing is a normal function which doesn't require that much of our doing in order to get the oxygen our bodies need. If you feel you cannot take that deep breathe, then try with more shallow slow breathes until you feel that you can breathe deeply again. A good thing to do is to start moving around and get involved in doing something to get your mind of your breathing. Once you do that you will unconsciously realize the muscles are now able to move normally allowing you to feel the breathe move freely.

    I will be here checking the forum.

  • Breathe slowly will be okay. Start relaxing. Do something that relaxes you.

    Not tv but coloring, writing your feelings, listening to quiet music etc.

  • I smoke as well and I think that be a problem what if I distract my self with my Xbox

  • Liam, Xbox is not good because it is stimulating unless you think you can relax while

    playing. Do you feel any better yet??

  • I feel like I'm going to swallow my tongue still and I can't sleep now

  • Liam, did you take any new medication today? Is your tongue actually swollen or just the sensation.

  • Liam, looking over your last 3 posts, I noticed that 2 weeks ago you had a problem with sleep as well. We are not doctors but I can pretty much say this is your anxiety causing these worries. The more you focus in on a problem the longer it lasts. The feeling that you are going to swallow your tongue is also anxiety caused. You are so wound up now that it is interfering with your mind in relaxing and allowing you to sleep. I know it's difficult right now for you to ACCEPT that these symptoms aren't harmful. Once you do, you will relax both mind and body and with that be able to get some sleep.

  • Thanks a lot I tried that white noise last night and I fell asleep also I feel the same today with my toungue and I need some way on how to relax

  • Liam, I'm glad "white noise" worked for you and you got some sleep. Everyone is different in what they respond to. There is really nothing written in stone that works for everyone except "Acceptance" that this feeling you are experiencing with your tongue is Anxiety and nothing more. It is not dangerous, it is not life threatening. Right now your mind is fixated on this one part of your body. The best thing I can tell you to do is to put your negative thoughts about it aside, get your mind busy with positive thoughts and actions. It will go away but you must stop thinking about it as hard as it may be. Good Luck

  • I get tightness around my throat and feel like I can't breath, that makes me scared of eating. I do have anxiety and the doctors said my throat can't physically ever close up by itself. Make sure you go to the doctors so they can make sure it isn't anything else.

  • I sure do no how you feel tell Dr

    You need something my is really

    Bad I stay scared

  • The doctor will give you something

    For that you do need to rest

  • We worry about drug rehab later

    But not right now just give me every

    Thing to get me through this

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