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Anxiety and depression

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Hi everyone I am new but I suffer really bad anxiety it started about 3 months ago when ended up in hospital I am on beater blockers and antidepressants but I worry about every little thing when I lay down I can feel pulses everywhere a and get pain under both my breasts and under both my armpits sometimes I think it's in my chest and panic I am having an heart attack but doctors assured me it was a panic attack but still worry I get a heavy head feeling like I am just gonna drop my stomach hurts now and again and I get pain in my head and sometimes my temples are these feeling really all related to anxiety and depression thanks

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I feel for you.

It's awful isn't it , the problem

With anxiety is we are always on alert ! And we tune into everything as we are so emotionally & physically sensitive . So every little pain , pulse and niggle is magnified and then it feeds out anxiety and worry then the flight or fight kicks in.

The ebay advice I can give you is to get a safe routine in place and start writing a journal so you find out triggers and offload . Then you can say I have got through this attack and when the next one comes you can calm yourself with some gentle breathing and know you have tackled it already you can do it again


Make sure you are eating healthy drinking water / herbal teas / good sleep pattern, relaxation where you can lots of fresh air to. Clear the cobwebs ! The rest of the time we are all her win the same boat to help you ;-)

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marshall00 in reply to Carri477

Thank u I just can't seem to sleep because I am scared I arnt gonna wake.up I seem I am constantly shaking I panic at every little pain in my arms or head or neck or shoulders I feel I won't get bk to my old self again and it's getting down now I just don't know what to do for the best I am forever at the doctors and feel stupid been there everytime I feel a little.something what else can I do to help me sleep.I have been going out abit and it does make me feel abit better

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Ginger_11 in reply to Carri477

Hello, I myself have suffered from depression and have since recovered from my last episode, but I have several friends who have anxiety. They come to me to help them see a more calm reasoning to their particular fears, as they are heightened at times of their attacks and there is always a more sensible way of explaining the actual facts of the subject they are anxious about. In times of anxiety, the body starts producing more of the flight or fight hormones and the brain then goes into overdrive trying to control and get rid this surge of hormones, which then produces the anxious mental and physical symptoms. If you have a friend that you know is sensible, down to earth and can give you another take on your particular fear(s) or find out the triggers of a fear if you don't know why you have the anxiety, ask them to help you find this out by talking through it.

I also thought of a good idea recently. When you are not in the anxiety mode, obtain a nice box and a note pad. Call it your go-to box and you can put in there, everything that calms you during these attacks. Relaxation CD's, particular music cd etc. Put on a notelet, the name of a particular website or part of it that was helpful to you when you became anxious. Things that make you smile. Favourite items that you have that remind you of better time e.g. photographs, toys, objects etc. I also have taken up swimming and one of my two friends now comes with me.....this is most relaxing. The other friend will be coming soon too. If you don't feel like doing any exercise outside , just dance around the house with music or better still, sing your favourite uplifting song in your head and dance to it - no one is watching!! ( I do this all the time).

PS Actually writing a diary daily of not just your fears and anxieties but what/who you have observed during each day, DOES help tremendously. Keep it in the box. It helps you live in the moment. Reading it back to yourself in a few months time, does give you a good insight into your anxiety and helps you acknowledge what you have gone through and how strong you have been to work through it. It can be upsetting when reading (good for the emotions) but it is also eye opening!

I hope the above suggestions are of help to someone. With best wishes.

Aw don't get down get up ! Take that want and need for your ' old' self and challenge

The anxiety ! Best way is to do a typical breathing exercise when you start feeling anxious- breath in for 7 out for 11 repeat until you are calm . Then grab some fresh air or listen to music or watch something fun, read a book just distract yourself with something fun and easy.

I would strongly recommend as I have to most to write a journal - triggers , routine, symptoms get it all out your head and into paper. It will be on papaw for you to see and either make you think bloody hell but will also let you see you hey throigh it !

I used to spray lavender on my

Pillow and have either peppermint or camomile before bed as its herbal soothing and a natural muscle relaxant then cuddle a hot water bottle to go to sleep ! Try that ;)

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marshall00 in reply to Carri477

I am trying not but just don't.know what to do for the best I got flu and a bad blocked ear just before Christmas made me feel so bad my flu cleared up but my ear still blocked also my gp put my antidepressant up last week and don't know if that's why I am having these feelings again as was fine for a week before she put it up.when they do put it up does it make your symptoms worse before better just wondered as I was on 20 and now on 30 or would it kick in straight away with already been my skin feels is burning when I lay down is that part of anxiety

Hi there, i get that burning feeling in my legs no at first it drove me mad, I also used to get really tingly legs and feet and then really started to panic! Now when it happens along with the really fast beating heart and dizzy/pressure head, dry mouth, lump in my throat, pins and needles in my hands, chest pains and achy heavy arms I just sit down and feel it. Since doing that along with writing my thoughts down and meditation it's really slowing down.

Once you understand anxiety you will realise that in fact it's not all that bad, uncomfortable sometimes but not life threatening.

Stay positive it will pass eventually x

It scares me too I try forget about it but it's hard especially at night I really don't.know what to do as it gets me down I am so scared about it why I don't know the heavy head is worse like my body just wants to drop the thought of fainting scares me.too I get so much pain I don't know why what others things can.I try now

Yes the heavy head feeling is unpleasant. Try unloading what is in your head by thought journaling. Write down your thoughts then you can re read them when your not in panic mode and try a figure out what is causing your anxiety.

As for the fainting feeling that was probably the wost anxiety symptom for me but i know now that you will not faint from anxiety. In 6 years suffering with anxiety on and off I have never fainted

I hope so as that is one thing I am scared of I know.what starts it off everytime.I becom ill thinking it something serious all the time and I have had a lot of illnesses since before Christmas and I just wish I never got ill anymore but my gp said it could be 6 months to a year before I get bk to.normal might even.never suffer again after a year which I hope it does just seems going on forever and ever

The pain in the chest and under the arm pits I get really bad when I'm super tense. I don't even realize that I'm tense and then I'll wake up feeling like ivery done an upper body workout. I have all the symptoms you do so don't feel alone. head feels like it's full of cotton balls

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marshall00 in reply to jessicao

Well my head feels heavy and my arms arch and shoulders is that part of anxiety hope so my back arches also I just want to get bk on.with my life instead of always been scared of everything which was never me at all I can't always sleep thinking I won't wake up why do I think that I cant cope feeling like this and do u know how long it will take to get bk to normal

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jessicao in reply to marshall00

I have no idea. I'm still figuring it all out myself. But the best thing to remind yourself is that it IS anxiety. Try getting a cbt workbook from your bookstore, that's what I've started and it helps. And a journal so you can see the progress you're making. I like having the journal so when Im in a panic I can write to future me reminding myself that I survived hahaha. Chin up you'll get through this. We all will

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marshall00 in reply to jessicao

Do u get twitching as I have started that and it scares me that it's the start of something serious

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jessicao in reply to marshall00

Yes, mainly in my legs especially when I have bad panic attacks and when I've had a stressful day and am trying to go to sleep

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marshall00 in reply to jessicao

I have had my.bk it just moved abit by its self is that still a twitch and is it still.related to.anxiety

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jessicao in reply to marshall00

Twitching & muscle spasms happen alottttt when we're stressed or anxious

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marshall00 in reply to jessicao

I was getting them all night last night couldn't sleep a wink had to ring nhs as thought it was a sign of a stroke scared me so much and keep thinking it's gonna go to my face and my eyes and then.I panic more and more the doctor said it was to do with my antidepressant been upped and my painkiller been changed at the same time. Does your whole.body arch like when.u have flu my hip hurts abit today

The longer you keep waiting to feel back to normal then your anxiety is always going to be there . I was the same asking "why me" & " I just wanna be normal again" anxiety is the past and the future or what has happened and what will happen, you need to concentrate on the here and now and except that anxiety is gonna be around for a bit . I've finally accepted my anxiety for what it is and slowly I'm having more good days than bad. When I get a strange feeling that I start to think is life threatening I ask my

Self what evidence do I have to suggest that I'm going to die! That I may never wake up or I've got a serious illness. And the answer is I dont. You just have to re train your brain that your going to be just fine, create new neuro path ways.

Have you ever tried CBT?

It was my life line x

No that's one thing I haven't tried I have to go to bereavement counciling as had alot my life that's brought this on

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