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Anxiety and depression

I suffer with anxiety badly when i have a attack i feel like i wanna pass out and someones grabbing my throat! Im starting a new job soon and im worried about travelling alone on the train! Any advice? Sammy

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Hi Sammy, I felt exactly the same in an panic attack. I was scared to be on my own incase I passed out ( which I neva did ) that's why I avoided stopping on my own wen OH was out working incase I passed out. I've a big fear of it. The only advice I can give is take a bag to breath into incase u start to panic. Keep telling ur self that it will pass as uve had one before and uve got thou it so u can now. Easyer said then do-ne I know. Hope u get on ok xxx


Hi Sammy & Welcome

Anxiety attacks can make us feel we are going to pass out , even though thank goodness we dont tend to , but nether the less the fear we feel when we feel this way is very frightening

It does take some practice , but as you no this is a panic attack when it comes on if you can try & accept it as the more we fear it the more we panic & try & , breath in taking deep breaths in & slowly releasing them out it does help

I dont no how bad this is effecting you or how often , but if it is becoming a real problem , speaking to your GP might be an idea , you dont have to always have meds , but maybe some counselling would help

I cant say I am an expert on travelling on trains , but when ever I am going any where , the first thing that helps me is to be organized

So the night before I would make sure I had everything ready , clothes , what I needed to take , money , tickets , so when I got up , all I had to do is get myself ready , pick up everything I needed & go , this eliminates any panic before the journey

I dont no if you are someone that has breakfast , but if so i would , if not I would take something to snack on & a bottle of water

Making sure I was there in plenty of time for the train , again helps me to stop panicking

Maybe you have a lucky charm or something you could have in your pocket , no one knows it is there but you could keep messing with it for comfort

I have a ring I wear & I fiddle with that on my finger , it means alot to me & helps me to feel secure

You could take a book or ipod with music to distract yourself

If you have a phone with the internet on , you could look or even post on this site , while travelling , knowing people will be reading it that understand :)

Dont no if any of this will help , but someone else might have some tips when they see your post

Keep talking on here people will support you :)





Thank you for the advice.. What scares me is my vision goes completely white and i cant see. It doesnt last very long but during these times i struggle to even keep my thoughts straight. I have spoken to my GP and i am on medication. Its just very difficult and sad for me as i feel trapped in my own body :( xx



A lot of us have this visual disturbance , it seems quite common with anxiety

Have you mentioned it to your GP

If you have you need to try & believe them I no its hard to but they will be right , if you havnt , just mention it the next time you go , i am sure they will say its your anxiety , but it will just give you peace of mind



Hi have you a friend who will go with you the first day or week. Once you know the routine your anxiety may subside


Yh i will see if anyone can come with me :) thanks


Hi Sammy

I have trouble in the trains and buses in the morning, I've found if it's really busy then I just stand at the door on the train and I have plenty of room to move about if I start to feel panicky or anything, also I find if I listen to music on the way to the station it sets my mind into a positive way.

Hope this helps xx


Thank you for the advice :) ill let you know what happens x


When I was travelling on the train and I got panicky. I used to text my husband, my sister and my friend one of them always answered back, I also used to play angry birds or candy crush. I used to travel up to my mums and the train journey was about 3hrs long. Xxxx


Thank you for the advice but its almost as if when y eyes are down on my phone i feel worse, i think it moght be because i know deep down im just trying to distract myself x


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