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Hi everyone , iv'e just discovered this site, and i have to say i wish i'd found it a couple of months earlier when i was at what had been the lowest point in my life. I feel that i am finally coming out of the dark tunnel that has held me for 4 months (the longest episode iv'e ever had) and it's so helpful to know others are going through the same or similar things. I can't tell you why i feel much better because i feel that it has just been a matter of time in my case. I do take ADs but on the whole it's just been taking one day at a time and knowing that life will get better eventually that has kept me going! Hope to get some replies and hints and tips from you all on what works for you Big hugs to all

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Hi ruby glad uve joined this site, uve come to the best one with the best people on it. Its nice to know that u r not alone, its a sort of an ease if u get wat I mean. U sound really postive which is great, and to tell ur self u will get better eventually is true. It takes time but we do get better. Carry on doing wat ur doing and taking one day at a time. Xxx

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Thanks Donal for your reply ....Don't know about the thinking positive though If you had seen me a couple of months ago i was a zombie like wreck he he!

Hi Ruby , you have found it now :-)

As donaf says you have a positive attidude which is great & yes carry on doing what you are doing as it seems to be working

Meanwhile this site is great to get support from people that understand , so hope you will use it , all the extra support goes along way

Welcome Ruby


whywhy xxx

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Hi whywhy I just replied to donal about me being a zombie like wreck a couple of months ago. It was an effort to even feed myself! but hopefully i'm over the worst, thing is every day is different ie good or bad you just have to do what you can on the good days.....obviously being a worrier i'm already wondering what to do should i have another really bad episode good to hear from you whywhy xxxxx

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Anxiety etc has its good & bad days , & you are right on the good days enjoy them , you may not get any bad days or they will be less & more managable than before , if you do have one just go with it , they talk about acceptance on here , accepting the fear & then it gives it less control over us , takes some practising but it does work

I wrote a blog & said I think I was born worring & worry should have been my name , so you are not on your own there

Try not to think about tommorrow & stop in the day hun

Keep using this site & get support from others that no just how you feel

You are doing really well & this will get better , little steps sometimes , but it gets better


whywhy xxx

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ruby4me in reply to

Thanks for posting and i agree with all you say but somedays it's harder to be positive than others and having suffered most of my adult life and got through it ok this last time has been the longest and hardest i've ever had but then again i'm getting there so probably developed more coping mechanisms, least i hope so! sorry for rambling a bit but it's so good to talk.

love n stuff


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Same here Ruby , some days can be harder to stay positive , & on those days get on here & hopefully that might help you on those days ...


Dear Ruby4me,

Welcome to this site. It is very nice that you could join us.

I wish you well.

Kindest regards,


HI Marcus thanks for the welcome it's good to be here

best wishes


If you feel another bad episode coming on you come on this site and there is always someone to talk to and help you pull through .It helps

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I will do that Lindalou it's took me a long time to find a site with like minded people and thanks for your reply.

Ruby xx

Glad you feel better ruby and carry on! :-) nice to see a other positive story on this board! Xx

Hi Ruby. Glad to hear that you are feeling better and I can completely agree with you about worrying in case we have another bout.of feeling so bad. I have been doing really well but that thought hit me today and I had to try really hard to think positively again. You really are on an amazing site where all understand how we feel. My Mum used to say that I would worry if I had nothing to worry about!!! Sums a few of us up I think. Good luck.

Hi jeffju thanks for your post, and i do think your mum was right in what she said. strangely enough though when i am not depressed i am not a worrier in fact i'm a bit reckless if anything! it's just this damn depression that messes with your head and the least little thing seems monumental! I also think you're right about this site from the sensible replies i've received and i will stick with it for help and suggestions

ruby x

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