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Give up


Hi does

Anyone else feel like me, I look forward (that's a bit much), but only happy when asleep, but it feels like that's the only time, I get away from, the .... Life I'm in.

I just think life is shit, not only do you get older, but lonely ect,

Why is it so hard, you know when people say if u could live your life over, people makes mistakes I just feel, so hard done by, I know people a lot worse than me, but you get one life n it feels ruined x

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You can stay in the rut or change your life. You only have one life, don’t waste it. Even if it’s small changes to start. Do it. You deserve it.

Callmedanielle in reply to DeeM3

What she said. You can either let life pass you by (you only have one) or do something about it

Pat140609 in reply to DeeM3

Thank you for your reply

yes you are right life is only one but how did you decide it is ruined? thats called generalizing in psychology , you just believe that the future will be same as past but that is not true most of the times . i know you might b thinking this will never get better , but i can tell you from experience , anxiety is temporary , even though i have not completey recovered but i can say it has reduced greatly and believe me i believed the same as you , 100% .

instead of thinking or saying im tired of life just get up and find something to do . it can be ANYTHING , i mean literally anything , going for just a walk , eating something , etc . just try it once even if you dont like it , you will discover that you were ony seeing the one side of picture only

good luck

Pat140609 in reply to Illboy

Thank you

Pat140609 in reply to Illboy

Thank you for your kind words x

Pat140609 in reply to Illboy

Thank you, I hope your kind words come true x

Illboy in reply to Pat140609

they will if you believe them


Yes, I feel the exact same way. I feel at peace when I’m asleep. I constantly worry all the time when I’m awake. I feel like I ruined my life and this is it for me. I’m feel like I’m suffering and always think the worse is going to happen to me 😢. Pray and hang in there 🙏🏾. I hope we will all get pass this.

Right now I feel the same as you. I'm never happy, never. I want to end this shot since I've been dealing with it for 20 years now. All I want to do is sleep. I hate my life and my family won't even talk to me. I hate this shit and the docs can't find a cure for this. Fuck them.

Hiya, thanks for your reply, what has made you feel like this? Something big must of happened for sadness too last so long, this site has a lot of people who can give their opinion and help. X a problem shared ? Take care

Thank you for your reply x

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