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really struggling 😢


I'm finding my new job really really hard. I have a manager who is a bit of a dick in all honesty. he basically sat me down today and told I'd made now effort at all to sell a car today. when I had! people don't want to buy cads in December and he knows how hard it is. I've been doing car sales for 4 weeks now and I by no means know everything. I feel really low tonight, like any second I'm going to get the sack. I don't think this job is doing anything for my mental health. I forget things and then I'm really hard on myself...but forgetting things is a normal part of life? isn't it? so why do I get so angry at myself. I forgot to call someone last thing tonight at work and im hating myself for it now. I don't know whether I'm being hormonal or what but I just need a good talking to off someone who isn't stressing about every single choice they've made this year. I'm starting to feel sick thinking I've made the wrong decision. a big part of me is thinking 'right Sara. go in tomorrow and all next week and nail everything. book appointments. vocal about it etc let them know you're trying' then a massive huge part of me is saying quit...fuck it why are you doing this to yourself!! arghhhhhhhh my boyfriend said tonight that he feels like it's gonna tip me over the edge working here

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Hi 2sara1, I think you mentioned something about this job a couple weeks ago. It's not an easy job. Some people are just browsing, some are really serious about buying. You are right in that this time of year may not exactly be the best time for a salesperson. Spring and Fall usually are. Your boyfriend may very well be right in saying this job is going to push you over the edge.

Dealing with the public on such a expensive purchase takes confidence in yourself as well as some aggression. Both of which are usually low when having anxiety. I hope you make a decision soon as to what's best for you. Good Luck sara, let us know what you decide.

I've been at my company for 12 years I'm comfortable but not happy sometimes you have to think a job is a job but health and family is more important. I recently applied for a new job it's hard but I know it's the right decision. Change is scary

Oh Sara no job is worth your health

On the one hand it's only 4 weeks in and its always hard in any job at first The boss sounds an idiot if you had been there 4 years then that's different

Try and stand your ground with him dont let him intimidate you If you do decide to leave you will look back and regret not telling him how you feel - in a nice professional way of course😉

Don't stay if you dread going in to work there is something much better for you with a nice boss

If you don't have to stay in this job and there are alternatives then go You and your health are the priority not old" Dick face "

Good luck 😉

Sara selling is very pressurised, I am not sure what illness you are suffering, anxiety and depression would certainly not suit this type of job. Employers are not interested in anyone all your manager is worried about is sales etc. Is there something you enjoy like going to the gym, walking, some sport where you can exhaust yourself so all your anxiety has gone as you have no energy left to allow it to surface😊 I am not sure if this helps. I am aware that jobs are hard to come by and if you have been employed in this field it is hard to get a job in something different. Maybe a visit to the GP to ask for different medication. Hope you manage to conquer this 😌X

Dont be so hard on yourself i forget things allllll the time its like my memory fails me. With work try your best u cannot force anyone to buy anything and dnt beat yourself up about it once u know u have tried.

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