17year old girl who needs a bit of help understanding this💔

I'm new to this, and I need answers I've been told I've serve depression and anixty, I find it hard to open up about this subject but I know I'm not the only one..I also suffer from GERD, my appite is awful I don't eat at all, and when I drink it feels as if it gets stuck in my throat, I'm terrified, I always feel breathless, and always tired...but that's prob because I can't sleep, I'm afraid of my body shouting down because I don't eat, it's hell, I've been to hospital to hospital, I'm greatful that my tests came back good, but this is still happening, like my throats closing over, and I can't get anything down😞it's very upsetting.

Just watching myself waste away to nothing, I'm a 17year old girl, an never thought this would have happened to me, it's acc came to point I get breathing problems everyday, an when I swallow it feels so weird, someone help out?


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31 Replies

  • When you are new to anxiety it feels very weird. Soon I would of had it for 3 years and I completely understand where you are coming from.

    Take the doctor tests as a positive knowing nothing serious is wrong. Take control of it or it will eat you alive, it's done it to me it's ruined my life.

    I'm afraid to go out alone, I feel like I'm going to die, I feel like my heart will stop working and all sorts of symptoms. Maybe try therapy and see if it helps. Other than don't worry too much because worrying and reactions is what anxiety loves. Don't feed it.

  • I understand completely what your trying to say but I just think there won't be an end to this I always feel breathless and chokey, it's so scary, I hate when my family see the way I act it upsets me and because my mums been with me due to all the tests Everytime I take one of these now she would just ignore me because she thinks I kinda act up on it now,? And what are you symtoms to GERD?its bloody awful to:( and when I swallow I feel like it doesn't go down properly?

    Thanks for getting back to me x

  • And I've also got GERD.

  • Hello

    I am really sorry to read someone so young is suffering so bad with anxiety

    Are you still living at home , have you parents that can support you , friends , close relatives , tutors maybe you really could do with some support and there is support out there you need to ask including asking your Doctor , you don't have to go on meds but some therapy would be a huge help and your Doctor could refer you

    All the feelings you are getting are anxiety it can be hard to believe but be reassured that you have been tested for anything sinister and that is all clear even though the anxiety would like to convince you otherwise that is how it keeps a hold of us but with help you can slowly learn how to deal with this

    Try eating little & often maybe as well as choosing foods you really like choose things that will go down easily , soups etc till you get your confidence back and you will , when you feel these sensations when it comes to eating tell yourself over and over again that this is anxiety , nothing is physically wrong and challenge it by letting it know you are going to eat , once anxiety knows we are stronger than it then it does start to fade but I know to start with it is not easy

    Please get some help and support and keep talking on here where people do understand how you feel

    Take Care x

  • Thanks for getting back to me, I do have a boyfriend, younger brother and lucky my mummy and daddy are still together, but some how they don't understand? I'm always clearing my throat because this feeling won't leave me alone, like my air way is just gonna shut, i know it may seem mad but that's how I feel, it terrifies me to bits, and the worse of it is I have very had panic attack, it's very hard when I try to swollow, if you don't mind me asking, would you have symtoms like your airs just not getting enough?like why I'm so confused:( it's took over everything, I just want this all to go away. X

  • Hello

    It is really hard for others to understand because anxiety is something you cannot see like other things people suffer with but can only be felt by those that are suffering if only others could catch a glimmer for just a few minutes how bad it can feel and affect us so they could understand but as you know this is not the case

    You could ask them though that you appreciate they may not be able to understand but you do need them and their support

    When we are anxious the muscles tense , we have muscles everywhere in are bodies including our throats and because you have the all clear physically I imagine the throat muscles are tensing up with you feeling so anxious and causing this sensation and the more anxious we are the more the symptoms will happen and linger , I have had it in the pass but if I try and ignore it eventually it goes away

    You have to be reassured that your Doctor would have you in the Hospital quicker than you could blink your eyes if they thought for one minute it was anything serious would be more than their job was worth not to , keep hold of the positive thoughts as anxiety just creates negative ones

    Give it some thought about asking your Doctor if you can be referred for some Counselling you are young and if you get the support now you will benefit so much from it :-) x

  • I understand it's just very scary having these symtoms, like feeling like I can't breath and always mucas stuck in my throat, and I'm always clearing, my throat feels so tickley and hard to breath it's scary😞I'm feeling now as wee talk😞

  • I also have this problem with eating when I swallow the food it feels asif its stuck its got to a point where I'm not eating as much as I used to and I'm just losing a lot of weight I used to love food and I would eat loads but now I can't even eat one plate of dinner. I agree with the other replies you should get therapy it will help im gonna phone up and arrange an appointment with a therapist for CBT

  • I always find it hard to swallow Evan my saliva, it's a nightmare I feel breathless, and then panic, because I feel as if I'm gonna die😞

  • I started having anxiety around 12 or 13 and major symptoms at 15 when my best friend died in a car accident. I didn't understand anxiety & thought I was dying. My dad would not let me get out on meds or go to therapy because he thought anxiety was something you could just "get over." When I was 18 I began getting help and really started understanding what was happening to me. Now I am 34 yrs old & my anxiety is worse than it has ever been and it started while I was pregnant with my daughter. I feel like I can't swallow & sometimes I literally cannot draw a breath in. I clear my throat constantly. What helps me a little is taking sips of water when things get too bad. This sounds silly but singing helps too. If you can sing....you can breath so I guess that's why it makes me feel better. Talk to the people on this board of you can't talk to the people in your life. I suffer in silence most of the time because after so many years my family & friends are tired of hearing about my issues. This board is great & I am glad I found it. Take care!

  • I really understand them feelings I wouldn't tell a lie I really do!

    And they are awful, I feel a big thick lump in my throat and feel as if my airways will stop, and it gets really scary I always think I'm gonna die when I get breathless and my voice goes weezy, and this soild lump like in my airway doesn't leave, I know the age different between us but hey age is a number you can message me anytime I have no problem with that, would be nice to understand why I feel this lump and death scares the sh** out of me😞thankyou for the text☺️

  • At least we understand each other's problem. I haven't met anyone else that has the throat thing happen. People think I am crazy when I tell them about it...or they think I am exaggerating how I feel. I am glad I found someone that can relate. :)

  • I suffer bad from this bully😞as I call it because it's just awful I doubt the doctors witch I shouldn't because it's there job but sometimes I just wish they would do more, I think I have something epiglottis, and I'm very worried and scared, I'm not glad you have it but I'm glad wee can get threw this bad curse together x

  • Its the same for me too no one really understands people I know tell me get over yourself that just makes me feel worse if I could get over it I would be all better but its just not that easy

  • It will take time have you went to your local doctor or anything for tests, it's an awful thing it's a bully as I say but sometimes wee have to try beat it and anol wee try are best but others don't see that they think it's a simple task to beat it but it's just not that easy, wee didn't ask for this, so people should be more understanding as these symptoms can be very scary x

  • What makes me the saddest is when people say, "just calm down." If I could calm down I wouldn't have a problem.

  • Maddest*

  • Oh I've been there still am, it's makes me get more panic because I'm just thinking to myself 'I'm looking okay from the outside, but feeling poorly on the inside' and they just say 'it's anxiety and make up stuff to try get you over it faster, it doesn't work that way, any time your panicking or have this feeling, give me a message in more than happy to help as I suffer from these awful symtoms to x

  • Feel free to message me anytime too. :)

  • I tried eating pasta but im sure it was just sitting in my throat until I had a drink of water couldnt eat a full plate only managed a few mouthfuls how about you has anyone managed to eat tonight. X

  • I am eating right now. When I have another adult around I can normally eat some. If I am alone I have issues even eating ice cream. I drink a lot of Ensure. The chocolate ones are actually pretty good. When I try to eat soup, icecream, etc when I am alone I make sure I have the tv on something I like so I will concentrate on that. I make sure I am comfortable on the couch & there is no other noise (besides the tv). I hope that helps you some.

  • I understand hun, I feel the same way, I love having people around me while I eat, and I would always clear my throat, that's why I don't like really going out with family to get dinner number one I hate soilds and number to is prob take a massive panic, how's your breathing been?x

  • Last night SUCKED! I was freaking out bad & had insomnia. I switched my meds up today so hopefully I can sleep. I have been a little better today except when I had to go to the grocery store to get milk for my daughter. I thought I was going to have to run out without buying anything...but I made it. How is your breathing/swallowing today?

  • Awk Hun:( two days ago I went into a ice cream store and the ice cream store is new opened and i when I have to pay of when there to much people around me, but I went in and paid for the stuff and say in I felt proud, it's just the little things that count, and you wouldn't believe it but I freaked myself out so much to, nightmare I don't sleep either👎so I would have naps in the day, and my breathing now as wee talk is being a big of a handful but I'm just trying to ignore it, and I feel chokey😞but I'm just putting on some TV, as it's 4:16 over here at night🙊how's your breathing? X

  • I actually slept okay last night...until my hubby woke me up eating in the bed. Ugh! I did wake up this morning feeling like I couldn't breath.My choking feeling is worse today but I think it's because my sister is pushing me to visit her 5 hours away. She doesn't understand my anxiety. I can't travel that far....driving is one of my triggers. I start therapy Jan 12th & that is one of the issues I plan on addressing. I used to travel all the time. :( Good job at the ice cream place! It truly is the small things when you have anxiety. I hope you anxiety has gone down & you were able to get some sleep.

  • I also suffer with gerd I get heartburn sometimes, sour taste in mouth burning throat pain in chest im taking omeprazole cant take the full capsule so I take the granuals out of it and take them with water

  • I suffer GERD to it's awful and I'm still finding my ways about it learning more, and yeah when I would have ate pasta crisps or any other soild foods would have felt like it got stuck in my troat, was so annoying and very scary, as I've choked on my own sick before💔, and my medication is rentidine because I can't take pills, but try soups, not spicy one or tomato ones they bring the reflux up, try some ice cream, nice watery soups, to start you of and when you feel more convident In yourself, you will know yourself when your ready to take the big steps like eating a big roast dinner again, atm I'm suffering a eat disorder they suck and I would have to go to hospital quite a lot, so try eating small but every so often I know how scary it is, would you ever feel chokey/breathless? X

  • Also it's very handy to have a blender x

  • When im about to start eating I feel my throat tensing up and it feels asif someone is choking me Are you in the US

  • I feel a slight tickling feeling also as I breath, it's awful, and no doll I'm from the uk, and have you ever experienced choking/fear of eating because I think that's what makes out throat tence feeling fear and then it alerts our body's

  • I fear eating solid food I actually have to chew my food until its all mushy I used to love stuffing my face with roast dinners at one time

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