Long time no speak:) give this a read

Hello everyone, i just want to put some hope out there with people with anxiety and think that will never end i can honestly say if you strengthen your mind and try not to worry over think things and assume the worse you will slowly start to forget it and live your life again, anxiety stopped me from doing literally everything i wouldnt leavethe  house i wouldnt sociate with friends i thought i had every single illness going  purely because i would not stop thinking about it, but i wanted to shed some light on it and to let everyone know i know its extremely hard but with the right support from friends and family and yourself more than anyone you will get through it, you just need to pass that first step and accept theres nothing wrong:) i felt i had to say something on here and try and help other people because when i was suffering from health anxiety i got a lot of relief and help from a lot of people sharing the same problem and it got me through so i just wanted to let ya know it might seem impossible but it really is possible more than possible really:) i hope everyone's okay and stay strong:) 

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  • That's great to hear and thanks for wishing us all well x

  • Awesome post.  PEOPLE NEED POSITIVE POSTS ON THIS SITE!  I know it's extremely helpful to come here and get questions answered, but sometimes the best med or best path to being cured is a good SUCCESS story.

    Great Post

  • Hello Mr Worry 

    I remember you :-) I particularly remember the user name as it always reminds me of one of the Mr Men books I often used to read to my children some years ago now as they are all grown up but there was a Mr Worry :-/

    Sounds like you need to change your user name maybe to Mr Happy now ( which was another Mr Men book :-D )

    I am really pleased that you are in such a better place and hope it long continues :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you very much. Your words has helped be believe I can get past time is. I really liked this.

    "you just need to pass that first step and accept theres nothing wrong"

  • mrworry,  how good to hear from you.  It's nice to know that friends, family and hopefully our support forum helped  you get past the stumbling block.  Wishing you continued success in forging ahead with life.  Sending  you a big smile  :)

  • Hello

     Thank you so very much for taking the time to post. It's hugely motivating to read about a success story! 

    Very happy for you. Keep well! ☺

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