Just so sick & tired!!!

I'm going to list my symptoms & if anyone could please relate to them I would greatly appreciate it. Because I feel physically ill & ive been to the doctors & to the ER & been told I'm fine. So here they go...

Inside I have this feeling I could never really explain it but it feels just off not normal.

Chest feels tight most of the time, sometimes I get relief but I feel it most of the time.

Shortness of breath that's another alarming symptom that I have. I feel at times that any minute my air supply will cut off. Sometimes I feel like I'm being smothered. I always feel the need to yawn.

Constantly tired horrible fatigue 

Muscle aches, especially in the back of my neck & also the lower part of my back. Sometime in my legs.

Sometimes my stomach feels tight like I have a heartbeat right in the middle it feels tight. I know that sounds weird but it's hard to actually pin point the way it feels but it feels off. 

This all can happen at once I will feel completely off like I've had all the energy & life sucked out of me. 

Has anyone ever experienced this stuff?? 


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  • Yes, I've also experienced the same symptoms as you described. I went to the doctors and told them about how I always get shortness of breath, they just gave me an inhaler, and I also have tightness of throat and they prescribed some medicine for allergies. They said that my breathing and heart beat sound fine. But I have the same symptoms of you, hope you can get better.

  • This is an absolute nightmare this is for the most part every single day. Many people don't give people who suffer with anxiety credit. It's a horrible terrible thing to go through. I hope we all can find some relief. Thanks for the response xoxox

  • All the time, plus headache & disequilibrium.  I've been to the ER numerous times & so many specialists!

    I was diagnosed with a Tick Borne Relapsing Fever a few years ago & was told it could account for all the symptoms, but my titers have been negative, so I can't help but think it's something else.

    Please let us know what you find out!

  • Hey there.  I'm just wondering if you could be hyperventilating some.   I think it would be worth it to do some deep belly breathing if you can or breathe into a paper bag at the time your symptoms get bad.   I have suffered from hyperventilation in the past and had many of the same symptoms.   Google hyperventilation and symptoms as well as the best things you can do when it happens.   Nowadays when I get any symptoms the first thing I automatically start doing is taking deep abdominal breaths.  In through the nose nice and deep, one hand on the stomach, and make that hand rise as opposed to shallow chest breathing.   Worth a shot.   Feel better. 

  • I looked that up & a lot of what I feel mocked a lot of them symptoms. Hopefully I can find out what the real problem is. Thanks for the info 👍🏻

  • Yes I e experienced every single symptom you mentioned. They are very alarming but all part of anxiety and depression. We need to treat our mental disorders in order to feel physically better which can sometimes take a while even after getting in a better mental state. Are you in medication or seeing a therapist?

  • P.s Ive been having aching lower back and legs a lot lately is it frequent for you and how long have you had it? It used to be occasional but lately it's quite frequent and is scaring me...

  • Yes! I have these symptoms too. I don't actually have the tightness in my chest. But the breathing issue, it's terrible. For me, it's not shortness of breath but feeling like I can't catch my breath. (Maybe it's the same thing, I don't know) I force myself to yawn so that I can take the full breath I need. I've had it so bad that my lungs ache after a day of nonstop trying to catch my breath. I think I carry my tension in my neck, it always seems to ache. I also get dizzy and I have terrible insomnia, I feel tired yet my brain won't let me sleep. (I'll fall asleep for a few seconds,  and then wake up suddenly in a panic. It's awful) Anyway, it is comforting to know we can share our symptoms with each other and know that we're not alone. 

  • Thank you everyone for the responses. I'm defiantly going back to my doctor. Or I may change doctors I feel like he just passes everything off as anxiety. I was a former smoker from the time I was about 15 until 33 so I'm a little concerned the shortness of breath could be cause from that. I could also be allergic to stuff now since my cigarette smoking masked that for many years. Or so I've been told. I don't doubt that I have anxiety but one thing I'm sure of is the way I feel isn't normal I feel like total shit 95% of the time & I don't know how much more of it o can take. So I will keep going to doctors nonstop until I feel I've either been cleared or this passes or they find out what the real issue is. I hope you all had a good day 😊

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